Word of God

After discussing this with my husband and praying over it for a couple of weeks, I have decided to share a special page dedicated to the Word of God. Every Sunday I jot down the message that my Pastor preached at Hill Country Bible Church as well as anything that spoke to my heart. I do this to not only seek more knowledge and guidance from the Lord but find hope in some day re-reading my notes later in life to comfort me with the struggles that I face. If this isn’t for you that’s okay. My husband believes everyone has their own exclusive relationship with God and I am not here to change that. But if you feel this is for you feel free to send them to your email or to friends. LikeColossians states, “Let the message about Christ, in all its richness, fill your lives. Teach and counsel each other with all the wisdom he gives. Sing prophets and hymns and spiritual songs to God with thankful hearts.”


March 18, 2018, | Matthew 26-27 | The Injustice of Life

 1) Injustice in the life implies blame.

They falsely accused Jesus which led to a false execution. Have you ever felt falsely accused? Have you ever felt that life was simply unfair? We live our life continuously asking if it was fair or unfair.

Entitlement steals any sense of being gifted by God.

The injustice of life < deserved

In life we go through the blame cycle; God, other’s, then finally us.

2) The just reward for sin is death.

Injustice < deserved = death

God never was unfair to anyone except one person and there was only one time that God allowed pain, hurt, and injustice to someone who didn’t deserve any of it.. that was to his son Jesus Christ. That injustice changes everything for us. Because of his wounds, we were all healed! Every one of us has messed up and partaken in sin, but the gift of God is enteral life.

injustice < deserved > gift

Maybe we have missed used the words “deserved and right”, instead of us having the right to do xyz or deserve xyz we have the GIFT from God to do xyz! All of life is a gift, it is the grace of God we are able to be forgiven of all our sins and not to carry the burdens of an unfair life.


Today I experienced this thing we call an “unfair life”. I had a feeling my husband deserved something particular and he shouldn’t have to deal with nonessential problems especially on his day off. As we were discussing the “nonessential problems” in the kitchen, the smithboys were playing on the patio pretending to be captain underpants. I stopped listening to my husband (he of course noticed) and watched them run and laugh outside. It then dawned on me that I needed to remember that life is a gift. I immediately opened my bible app and went straight to my notes that I took at church. My thought process of the problem my husband and I were facing was nothing compared to what Jesus went through on the cross. I was doing exactly what my Pastor was talking about at the service today. Not that I was blaming God or others, but demanding a life that I wanted for my husband and myself. Once I finished re-reading my notes, I talked with daddysmith and told him what we were planning to do was not something we have control over. Our life, our sons, our family is all a gift from God. We can’t control what HE has already planned for us. We might not like the problems we face it at that exact moment but we must embrace it because HE has designed our life for us many years ago. I wanted to share my experience with you because not only do I take notes to help myself grow, I share my heart and thoughts as well, in hopes that others know they don’t have to be alone walking along their path that God has given them.


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