We Took a Chance & Fell In Love + Young Living

Change is not something I do very well. I am rather a particular person, and when it comes to a routine you better believe I am sticking to them. However, we took a chance with change and fell in love with Essential Oils! You might be wondering why I made the jump from harsh fragrances and chemical products to oils? Which is a valid question and it’s a pretty easy answer; for my littles. We had tried incenses and candles which only caused so much unnecessary smoke in our home. My husband and I also tried the plugins from target and bath and body works which made our home smell great for a couple of days then burnt out. But everything we tried was really harmful to our smithboys immune system. Breathing in harsh chemicals every day just to make our home smell like a beach was in our opinion ridiculous. So we went on a hunt to find the best product that was safe for our family and our home. That’s when I came across Young Living! It was honestly my first choice but I had to seek other options for my husband. He likes having different alternatives to choose from. A week went by and I kept mentioning Young Living Essential Oils. A hint here and another hint there until he jumped in and made the decision to make our family be a part of the essential oil family.


Once our kit came in with 11 different oils my husband and I went straight to work! We put a diffuser in the kitchen and another in our room added a few drops of lavender and lemon & OMG did our home start smelling AMAZING! A few drops of each filled our entire kitchen, living room and dining room! We then read the entire magazine and came across oils that were made just for littles. Which came in handy because smithboy#2 actually got sick right when our oils came in. He had a runny nose, some congestion, and a horrendous cough. My husband decided to move our diffuser into the boy’s room. I added lavender and peppermint to the diffuser,  turned it on during bedtime and it completely helped smithboy#2 breathe throughout the night. Another bonus was the roller oil my friend Tae sent us.


Young Living has so many wonderful products but these rollers are by far my favorite! Not only are they gentle for your skin but your littles as well once they are diluted with coconut oil. Tranquil {above} is a relaxation oil with hints of lavender, cedarwood, and roman chamomile. I personally use it when I’m journaling in my Bible or right before I go to bed. Now I bet you have some questions regarding oils so I put together a list of frequently asked questions below!


+ What are essential oils?

Essential oils are highly aromatic oils derived from plants. They can be found in a plant’s flower, leaves, bark or fruit. They are usually extracted through steam distillation. Not only do they protect plants from disease but they provide nutrients to them as well. Most importantly and a favorite of mine is they are man’s first medicine!

+ How should I use essential oils?

Essential oils are best known for their aromas, which can help create an environment to suit your specific needs.


Many essential oils have skin-enhancing benefits and can be applied directly to the skin or added to your existing beauty products. You can also combine them with a carrier oil or your daily moisturizer for easy application.

Did you know that many essential oils can be taken internally? The Vitality™ line is specifically labeled for internal use, making it easy to add a splash of flavor to food and drinks or to take oils in capsules as a dietary supplement.


+ Why Young Living?

Young Living has developed their own “Seed to Seal” promise that ensures hat they have inspected the purity of the oil from the planting of the seed to the sealing of the bottle. Making it 100% organic!


+ What are your favorite blends?

{Immune Boost} 3 drops of Thieves | 2 drops of Purification

{Clean and Fresh } 2 drops of Purification | 2 drops of Lemon

{Pick Me Up} 5 drops of Lemon | 5 drops of Joy


For the Smithboys:

{Cranky} 5 drops of Orange | 5 drops of Stressaway

{Lullaby} 5 drops of Lavender | 2 drops of Cedarwood

{Sniffles} 3 drops of Lavender | 3 drops of Lemon | 3 drops of Peppermint


+ So How can I sign up?

The best way to get started {how I got started} on your essential oil journey is to purchase the $160 Premium Starter kit which includes 11 of our most popular oils, a diffuser, samples, a rollerball, and literature. To enroll with my group, click this link and make sure the number 15681822 appears in both the “Enroller” and “Sponsor ID” fields. Signing up for wholesale/distributors, you will get 24% off retail prices which is incentive alone! Even if you never want to sell oils – becoming a wholesale member is honestly the best route. If you have any questions please feel out the contact form below!




This Is Us In The Moments of Who We Are + Garrett White Photography

Have you ever stopped and stared at your significant other? Perhaps while they were driving in the car, playing with your children at the park, or maybe when they are pouring you a sweet glass of wine? Well, dear friends, I have and it seems that it has happened to me a lot lately. I catch myself in such an awe of my husband these days. Not because he is finally doing the dishes without me having to hint it but because there were two special occurrences he has made recently that have declared my love for him all over again. The first thing to touch my heart was how he showed interest in hearing more about what I am discovering in my parenting and marriage books. Once I explained what I learned that day he then proceeds to apply those elements to our relationship and parenting skills to our smithboys. Secondly, he surprised me with a beautiful birthday gift of a couples session with the amazingly talented Garrett White. & Yall, Garrett did such an incredible job capturing the wild love we have for one another. This was us in the moments of who we are…

Since we eloped back in October we never got to take engagement pictures nor did we take much on our elopement day. My husband knows how important documenting our lives are to me and how much I love taking snapshots of the big and little moments. So when he told me about this photo shoot two things popped into my head…

  1. He truly is the man of my dreams
  2. He really does listen to me

I mentioned doing a couples shoot months ago and for him to make this happen a few days before my birthday was simply magical. God has brought us together as husband and wife, and for that, I am forever grateful. When I look at these pictures I think of our song and how the lyrics match perfectly with our love for one another. Because every time you fall, I fall, everytime you cry, I cry, every time you smile, I smile, with you. Every time we try, we try, even if we fail, we fail together, however great or small, we are together. So thank you, Travis, for always thinking of my heart. And thank you, Garrett, for helping an old high school buddy out and making his wife extremely happy. Yall are too good.

Mom of Smithboys Top 5 Summer Essentials

Summer is officially here! Pull out your beach towels, clean out your winter wardrobe {I promise you won’t need it}, and stock up on your water because this summer is going to be a HOT one. It will also be a busy one for us Smiths, we have decided to partake in a summer bucket list along with our oldest smithboy attacking taekwondo every Thursday. I have seen summer bucket lists done over the years from one of my favorite accounts I follow on Instagram Chubbycheek Photography. She has inspired me to jump out of my same old summer routine and find new, exciting things to try with my husband and smithboys during the break. Which lead me to discover 5 essentials to help me conquer this summer’s bucket list! The following are a list of items I have found most helpful. I hope you check them out and admire them just as much as I do! I have attached the link to the essential, so just click the name if you are interested and it will bring you right to their website.

Now, let’s get started…


  1. Sun Bum


During the winter I found this little gem and I haven’t turned back! I started using the Sun Bum coconut chapstick for my chapped lips and the lotion for the smithboys after their bath to keep their skin healthy over the winter. The moisture we all got from their products was amazing. I knew when summer hit I had to get my hands on the sunscreen and of course the cooldown aloe gel. My husband is prone to getting sunburn so I wanted something that will rehydrate his skin after a long day at the lake. Not only are they wonderful for our skin but for our oceans as well! They are 100% Cruelty, Vegan, Oxybenzone, and Octinoxate free which makes all their products reef friendly. The smithboys favorite is the stick face sunscreen. It’s literally like applying chapstick but instead of it being for you lips its made for your face. They think it is a magical stick that tickles. I believe its the only reason they have yet to get any sunburn on their sweet little faces!


2.  Sand Cloud

IMG_0479I came across this company on Instagram while scrolling down the discover tab. What first caught my eye were their beach towels and how vibrant they were. The second thing to catch my eye is actually my favorite part of this company and its how much they give back to our ocean life. With every purchase, 10% of the sale is donated to various organizations dedicated to protecting and preserving our marine life. Yall, how cool is that? As soon as I hit their website and read their mission I knew I had to become an ambassador! My first purchase was the Save the Fishies glass water bottle and the black leggings. I am a mama after all and love my leggings! BUT my summer essential is my new purchase the Freedom Towel. It is big enough to fit my husband, both smithboys and myself on the towel for our picnics at the park. It was handmade in Turkey, sand resistant and, perfect for the beach or the lake! Click the name above for the link to their website, use the code {MRSSMITH15} for 15% off your entire purchase and help out our little fishy friends!



3. Native Shoes


OMG yall, I have the most perfect shoes for any summer occasion. I bought them about two months ago because the smithboys and I were headed to the pool almost every day and they kept asking to wear their water shoes. Little did we know the boy’s water shoes were way too small because their feet grew over the past year. With that being said I wanted to find shoes that would be comfortable but were also durable because I have two wild smithboys who like to run around at the park. On the other hand, I also wanted the shoes to be waterproof. We as a family love to hit water parks, splash pads and are huge Lake Travis fans! So I was the hunt for the best water shoes. Not long after I came across the brand Natives when a patient of mine came into the office sporting them. I do however want to mention they are a little on the expensive side, BUT I promise it is totally worth it. They are lightweight, shock absorbent, odor resistant and have holes just like crocks but are way more stylish! Like I mentioned the boys have had them for about two months and honestly they never take them off. NO LIE! They both wear them more than their converse! My husband recently bought some for me and I can see why the boys love them so much. These are the perfect summer shoes for you and your littles for any event!


4. Kids: Thermos

We have talked about protecting your skin before and after the sun, the ideal towel for any family water occurrence, shoes to wear for fun in the sun but not the outstanding water bottle to keep your little ones water ice cold during the 100 degree summer days. The smithboys have had their Thermos for almost two years now. I originally bought them for our smtihboy#1 baseball days back in the fall of 2016 and have used them every day since! My husband likes to call them mini Yeti’s. Their stainless steel bottle keeps any beverage cold up to 12 hours! Which is terrific for those HOT days out at the park or riding bikes around the neighborhood. They also have a handle for your kiddos to carry, easy push-button lid, and a pop-up to drink from. I almost forgot to mention how cool the designs are, Smithboy#1 has the dinosaur theme, and smithboy#2 has the cars thermo bottle. These Thermo waterbottles will help you and your sweet babies stay hydrated all summer long!


5. Bumkins


Last but definitely not least are these wet reusable bags! They are excellent for throwing your wet swimsuits in and not having to worry about getting other things wet in the process. What first got me hooked on these reusable wet bags was the time when smithboy#2 was potty training. In the beginning, he would have an accident and instead of throwing the yucky clothes into his backpack I would just put the dirty clothes in the wet bag. That way his toys, extra clothes and my wallet wouldn’t get gross and smelly. Daddysmith and I didn’t stop with the DC wet bag, we also bought the reusable snack bags. My husband and I are currently trying to do our part in preserving our environment by eliminating as much plastic as we can in our home. These were an extraordinary addition to our mission. They are BPA, PVC, vinyl, phthalate, lead-free, machine washable, and dishwasher safe. Wonderful for our environment and for our littles too. Marvelous for all your picnic, and waterpark needs!


I hope you appreciated this mom of smithboys essentials for this summer. Thank you sand cloud for choosing me to be apart of your mission. I also want to thank Shalonda for the summer bucket list idea, I hope I make you proud! Enjoy friends, and have an incredible, eventful summer!





Eye Candy Couture + Online Boutique

I am so very excited to share my newest mamasmith adventure with yall! If you love fashion or are in desperate need of some summer attire keep reading! A few weeks ago a dear friend of mine asked me to model a few outfits for her clothing store. Completely surprised and absolutely thrilled I, of course, said yes. So this past weekend this mama met up with the beautiful Sierra Lentz at the domain for my close up. Not going to lie I was quite nervous. Walking around taking pictures in front of strangers wasn’t my kinda thing. I mean if you’ve seen my Instagram you know, I take pictures of the smithboys and my hubby not really selfies. BUT I did it and I was so happy I did. Eye Candy Couture is online boutique ran by a fierce woman named Sierra. She is a sweet mama who chased her dreams in style might I add all while raising her son Charlie. Sierra believes every woman should feel confident, fearless and sexy in their skin while wearing her clothing. I am so honored she chose me to be a part of her journey.  Take a look below at some of her clothes that are available to purchase online. She was also so very kind to give all my followers a little discount. When you go to check out use the code {mamasmith15} for 15% your entire purchase! YAY!


Like I mentioned, I was so honored she wanted me to model her clothing because when I was in high school I had total confidence. I didn’t care what people had to say about what I was doing better yet wearing. It was my life and I did what I wanted. However, when I had smithboy#2 my confidence slowly went down. I didn’t look the same nor did I feel the same. I kept thinking about what others thought of me. I kept second guessing what I should or shouldn’t be doing. What I should or shouldn’t be wearing since I was a young mom. It was so bad that I debated what I should wear around my family. I mean my family, of all the people they are the ones who could care less what I dressed like. Slowly did I realize I was taking away my own confidence. After some mental and physical growth did I discover my inner highschool Micahela. It took some time and experiences like taking pictures in stunning clothing to make me feel like I once did. I truly believe self-love is very important. Yes, Sierra’s compliments were a bonus but most importantly it was the way I looked and felt to myself. We, women need to always feel loved, sexy and confident! Huge thank you to Sierra for empowering me. Please go check out her website, Eye Candy Couture, find an outfit, use my discount code {mamasmith15} at check out for 15% off, go out on the town, feel and be fearless!