Hello my kashy,

Here we are again another year around the sun and to be honest I am having hard time accepting the fact that you are four years old. I seems like yesterday I was feeling you kick in my belly. its true that time goes by fast but I never imagined it being lighting speed.

there is so much to say but hard to write. no joke I am already crying and its only the second paragraph. there are times within the past year you pushed the boundary and it almost got all your toys taken away. then there were times where you were so kind, brave and wise. the cuddles in the early morning hasn’t stopped and neither has the mom will you rub my back please. you started to tell me how beautiful I am and you’ll look at me in the car + smile and say you love me. those moments my love make me want to keep you little forever. you’re so sweeeet to me I just cant stand it.

this year you played soccer and at first you didn’t care for it.. like you only played 10 seconds the first game and it wasn’t until the last few games to did you play for the entire quarter. now we can’t get you to stay in your chair so your teammates can play. although you are learning the game you still have your eyes on baseball. which I personally can’t wait. I already told daddy once soccer is over we are starting winter training! you think it’s a great idea but dad not so much. he thinks your too young but we will show him differently. you keep telling me that you want to play for the ‘stros and baby I will do my very best to make your dream a reality. #kashtonsmithforMVP

school is honestly your favorite thing to do. you absolutely have a blast every single day. mrs. Snapp tells us you are such a great listener and love to be with your friends. we had a parent teacher conference not to long ago and the only thing that she said that caught my attention was you like to bargain with her, which honestly you do with me everyday. its never your way or my way its how can we compromise to make it our way.

I can go on and on about you my love but I will cut it short for now. I love you so much kashybear. to the moon and back and back again. I am so thankful for your love, hugs and kisses. with you I am exactly who I am supposed to be.

-forever your mommy

ps. being woody and jessie for halloween was amazing + goooood pick bub.