so here is the thing… I have never + ever + ever gotten a spray tan. I was always scared I would turn out like an orange peel so it wasn’t in my cards. however, an old friend of mine gave me a text and asked if I knew someone who would like to model for her co-worker & before I could blink I told her yes, I can! After I blinked a billzion times at what I just sent her I quickly reminded myself why I’ve never gotten one in the previous years.

then I immanently thought of my bff Rachel who would say + girl you WYLD, you WYLD and instantly felt better. as crazy as this may sound it gave me a little boost of confidence I needed to actually go through with it. (love ya rach)

there I was waiting to go back + hoping I wasn’t going to be orange and thinking to myself well if I turn orange I guess it would be a funny story to share on instagram. About 20-30 minutes later your girl came out looking fresh. a good 12 hours later and your girl is looking like she just spent a week in FL. Watch out sissy I am coming for ya. Anywho the moral of this story is

  1. try new things + even if you’re a tad scared
  2. sunless tanning is pretty cool + even if you have to get naked in front of a complete stranger
  3. last but not least Megan you’re completely right + once you start sunless tanning you won’t be able to stop #addicted


HUGE thank you to Megan & Xena @ Organic Bronze Salon for making my first time such an amazing experience. Yall go and see them so you can be bronzed without having to sit in the sun for hours too!