We are officially two days away from my little guy walking into his first year of pre-kinder. Still blows my mind + but the time is here and well I’m a mess. I thought I was ready for him to go and embark on this new journey + yet here we are pretty much in denial against it allllll.


I read somewhere that you NEVER want to bombard your kiddos when they first get home from school & to be honest I tested that theory when Ayden went to kindergarten.

For the first week my husband and I would ask Ayden how school was when we picked him up. He would say the normal + good + response and kinda leave it at that.

Then the following week I tried a method I heard on a podcast. (can’t remember the name + sorry) They told us rather of asking your child how their day went + you ask what was the most funniest part of your day. Then when you are at dinner you ask your child what made them happy at school. Later when you’re getting them all tucked into bed you ask them if they had an troubles at school.

After the first day of trying it out I knew that was an instant winner! I was able to dive more into Aydens day without him feeling like I was asking him a millllllion of boring questions. & if he was having an problems or marks on his chart we would chat and pray about it.


Now that Kashton + my not so little guy is starting school I can’t wait to use the same method on him. I also have this thing I tell the smithboys anytime I drop them off;




& most importantly



Good luck to all the parents dropping off their littles @ school this week. I hope everyone has a wonderful first day back & teachers if you happen to read this + thank you for teaching, encouraging and loving our babies. 🖤 Also big thank you to AshlynLee for capturing these special back to school pictures.