To say we are a family who loves dinosaurs would be an understatement. We literally own all Jurrasic Park movies as well as the Jurrasic World movies, along with the prime video series Dino Dan and Dino Daina.

So finding this Dinosaur Park only 45 minutes from the house was such a #momwin 💁🏼‍♀️  & maybe a #dadwin considering he paid for it 🤣


The park is big but the trail to see the dinosaurs is only .5 miles. Don’t get the wrong idea though + the half-mile is full of 15+ life-size dinosaurs. They even provide a fossil scavenger hunt for you to do along the way.


This was by far my favorite spot and photo! They sure know how to make this smithmama laugh. BTW this is just the top of a megalodon mouth!


oh, and they also have information stations for you to learn more about the dinosaur in front of you. It was pretty cool to discover a few new facts about our favorite dinos.


Yall, we had to best time here at the Dinosaur Park + #smithboy1 even said we have to come back and have a picnic. My husband and I thought the .5 mile was well shaded and full of information to keep us at each dinosaur for about 2-3 minutes. All in all, this was a huge family success + definitely smith family approved!