It’s wild to me that when I was #smithboy1 age my nana took me and my cousins here. I never noticed how beautiful the scenery is. I guess at age 7 I just worried about all the steps you had to take to take to get to the top and why in the world did someone put so many of them there.


I can remember my nana making the same lunches for us. Tuna sandwiches with a side of cheese, chips, and fruit. Don’t get the wrong idea + those sandwiches were honestly magical. You can ask any family member and they will say the same thing. So I knew on this hike and picnic I had to do the same. I tend to take my childhood memories and all the adventures I endured and try to bring my children along those same adventures to create similar memories.


Making it to the top was not the peak of the climb + oh no the peak of this adventure with my smithboys was making it to the exact spot where my cousins and I used to look over the lake. We stopped and just soaked it all in. I wanted to capture this moment and hold on to it, so I set a timer without the boys knowing and got this photo. This is what #snapshotsofthesmiths truly looks like + we were just missing our favorite person.