A Smith Summer Bucket List

Summertime is in full swing! The smithboys are off to the splash pad with their Granny Holland almost every day. The ice cream we purchase from HEB melts by the time we get home, my AC stays on 68 degrees and the leather in my car burns my butt every time I sit down to drive somewhere. Although its blazing outside by noon, the weekend and weekday evenings have been nothing short of adventurous with us checking things off our bucket list. I briefly talked about our Smith summer bucket list on my last post, Mom of Smithboys Top 5 Summer Essentials. I got a lot of feedback stating yall wanted some ideas on what do to this summer with your littles and bigs too! Before I share the bucket list, I do want to mention somethings on the list are only available in the Austin, Texas and surrounding areas. Of course, you can modify your bucket list to where you live, these are just some suggestions to inspire you. Also, please involve your kiddos! Most of the adventures we are going to do are the one the smithboys came up with. So involving them might get them excited to try something new with the rest of the family! After all, it is a family bucket list.  🙂

Our Top 5 Summer Essentials

Summer is officially here! Pull out your beach towels, clean out your winter wardrobe {I promise you won't need it}, and stock up on your water because this summer is going to be a HOT one. It will also be a busy one for us Smiths, we have decided to partake in a summer bucket list along with our oldest smithboy attacking taekwondo every Thursday. I have seen summer bucket lists done over the years from one of my favorite accounts I follow on Instagram Chubbycheek Photography. She has inspired me to jump out of my same old summer routine and find new, exciting things to try with my husband and smithboys during the break. Which lead me to discover 5 essentials to help me conquer this summer's bucket list! The following are a list of items I have found most helpful. I hope you check them out and admire them just as much as I do! I have attached the link to the essential, so just click the name if you are interested and it will bring you right to their website. Now, let's get started...