Avengers Infinity​ War + One Smithboy

When my husband and I first got together our dates consisted of Mexican food and a movie. Sounds a little cliche I know,  but the movies were our thing separately, then when we started dating it became our thing together. When he first came over to my apartment he noticed all the movies I had. He politely told me nice collection. It wasn’t until I went over to his apartment for the first time and saw his giant stack of movies, I figured his comment was really a sarcastic one. Since we’ve moved in together, got married and like the vow we took states, what his is now mine and mine is now his our collection has grown tremendously.  In addition to our DVDs, we have doubled our Amazon Prime collection as well. Now with that being said, we have a couple of trilogies and series that we treasure. Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, Underworld, and Fast and Furious to name a few. But the one we cherish the most is our DC and Marvel Collection. I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I told you we have every DC and Marvel movie on DVD. My husband, the smithboys and I have watched every single Marvel movie to prepare us for what is about to go down in Avengers Infinity War. Over the years daddysmith and I have purchased the smithboys all the different action figures that go along with the Marvel or DC movies. I know what you’re thinking… that’s a lot of action figures and yeah your absolutely right! When daddysmith and I go to the movies our boys are playing at Granny’s with their new toys. Its what my husband and I like to call a Smith win-win scenario. HA see what I did there! However, this year we changed it up a bit. We both decided we would spoil our oldest since he is about to be SIX and have him tag along with us to the movies. It has always been important to my husband and myself, to do something just us three. For a while it was just us so, we like to show our love and appreciation to him with one on one time. He really enjoys the time we share together and in return that makes daddysmith and myself very happy. We also bought him the Thanos and Black Panther action figures so they too could join in the Smith fun. Sunday after Church, we loaded smithboy#1 into the car and headed to the movie theater. While daddysmith was driving I pulled out Thanos and Black Panther. Smithboy#1 WENT WILD! His eyes went big, and his mouth dropped wide open. Yall, he was in complete shock. After giving him the action figures, we informed him what we were about to go do. He was so flippin’ excited. Mostly because daddysmith said smithboy#1 could get whatever he wanted at the concession stand. {thats what mamasmith liked to hear}


We all were extremely thankful to be there together and experience that moment with one another.  I remember looking at both of them while the movie was playing and seeing complete happiness. So how was the movie? Nope, sorry no spoilers here! I will mention, that the movie wasn’t anything I expected it to be. It was defiantly a game changer and yall will have to check it out and maybe see it twice like my hubs and I did. Avengers date with my husband and plus one was the best way to see our favorite series. So here is to many and many more with them and soon to be with smithboy#2. Like I discussed before, movies are my families thing and I am so blessed to share and pass on this tradition with my husband and smithboys.