Garden Exploration + Ivy Kids Box

Every month the smithboys receive a box full of learning activities to do each week from Ivy Kids. I can not express it enough how much the family enjoys participating in the lessons. The Ivy Kits have been created by certified early childhood teachers with children of their own to help you be successful in teaching and learning with your children. With school ending in a couple of weeks and summer being around the corner, this is the perfect kit to keep the learning going during the summer break. If you want more information about the Ivy Kids click here. In this months box, we are learning about gardens. We decided to pick the very first project which led us to a garden and bug hunt. The box had all the required materials to seek out what is used/needed in a garden and to help us capture a bug. Daddysmith, the smithboys, our pup Simba, and I headed out to Milburn park to start our garden hunt adventure. After a mile walk around the park we found the Cedar Park Community Garden. Daddysmith and I knew the smithboys loved to be outside but we didn't know how much they enjoyed being in a garden. We assume they admire it because Granny Holland and their Nana Fulgham both have gardens at their homes and both let the smithboys help water and plant seeds. Walking around the community garden and looking for the items listed on our sheet was very interesting. We found so many different herbs, veggies, fruits, and flowers!

Avengers Infinity​ War + One Smithboy

When my husband and I first got together our dates consisted of Mexican food and a movie. Sounds a little cliche I know,  but the movies were our thing separately, then when we started dating it became our thing together. When he first came over to my apartment he noticed all the movies I had. He politely told me nice collection. It wasn't until I went over to his apartment for the first time and saw his giant stack of movies, I figured his comment was really a sarcastic one. Since we've moved in together, got married and like the vow we took states, what his is now mine and mine is now his our collection has grown tremendously.  In addition to our DVDs, we have doubled our Amazon Prime collection as well. Now with that being said, we have a couple of trilogies and series that we treasure. Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, Underworld, and Fast and Furious to name a few. But the one we cherish the most is our DC and Marvel Collection. I wouldn't be exaggerating if I told you we have every DC and Marvel movie on DVD. My husband, the smithboys and I have watched every single Marvel movie to prepare us for what is about to go down in Avengers Infinity War.