A Smith Spring Session + Monica Danielle Photography

Every spring and fall my husband and I like to take family photos with the smithboys. While I am planning the location, outfits and pretty much the whole nine yards, my boys are just showing up for their close up. We really do enjoy taking our family photos twice a year because we are slightly different from 6 months ago and I like to capture the growth we all have encountered. This session might have been the most challenging one yet. It was cold, early and smithboy#2 kept telling our photographer, Monica no pictures, please. My husband wanted to play at the park like the big kid he is, and my oldest smithboy#1 was running around finding sticks to add to our collection at home. With us being the wild family we are and not being able to sit still for very long she did quite a phenomenal job capturing every special moment.  Although she might have had to run, freeze, and fight off the joker from climbing into her hair to actually get the snapshot of us all in action I definitely think the photos turned out astonishing. But for her to go through all of that to freeze frame time and get the love that my husband and I share with not just one another but with our boys was something very magical. Monica, we can not thank you enough for taking all of these exceptional pictures. We are forever thankful! If you would like more information about Monica Danielle Photography and how you can book your next session with her please click here, or follow her on Instagram @ monicadaniellephoto!

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Smith Family Fun Night + Texas Stars

Every now and then my husband and I like to take the boys out and treat them to a family fun night. We like to give positive affirmations/ gifts to our sons when they are following the house rules, behaving as much as little boys can and completing their chores throughout the week. This past week daddysmith won some tickets to the Texas Stars Hockey game at the H-E-B Center in Cedar Park. Planning for this game wasn’t the easiest. I personally never gone to a hockey game so I didn’t know what to expect. I was thinking it was windy outside so I made sure the boys were dressed warmly for the wind but not necessarily thinking how cold the arena might be. I knew I had a blanket in the car in case anyone were to get super cold. Although we only lived 15 minutes from the H-E-B Center the smithboys kept asking when we were going to be there. Once we arrived it was pretty clear everyone was super thrilled for the game. Daddysmith and I were unloading the smithboys from the car and I noticed people dressed up for a blizzard. (maybe exaggerating just a little) They were carrying blankets, wearing beanies, and heavy coats. I thought to myself maybe I should bring the moose blanket inside with us. As soon as we stepped inside BOOM the cold air hit and let me tell you it hit hard. I promise it was colder inside the arena than it was outside. Little did I stop to realize they have to keep the entire place cold to keep the ice from melting. I MEAN HELLO MOM! USE YOUR NOGGIN! After the shock of the cold, smelling fries and burgers we headed over to our seats, sat down just in time for the game to start. A waitress came over and daddysmith ordered all the goods!




2 periods into the game, the boys were bouncing off the walls with excitement and maybe a little sugar rush. At one point the on the big screen they had a list of winners for people who were at tonight’s game to win selected prizes. The very first time the list came on the screen we saw section 107.. our section… row F… our row.. seat 11.. smithboy#1 seat! He won a signed Stars hat from the team! I read it a couple of times to make sure we were absolutely sure he won and yeah sure enough he did. I headed over to the font picked up a brand new, camo hat signed by every Stars player. I mean what a spectacular prize to receive especially at our first time ever attending a Texas Stars hockey game! You can say the entire Smith family was beyond happy we won and were able to come and experience this together.




Two hours after the smithboys bedtime, filled with pizza, popcorn, cheeseburgers, and Powerade, daddysmith and I decided it was time to go. The smithboys walking out of the arena with huge smiles on their faces and their Texas Stars kangaroo daddy just had to buy them made my freezing cold night a spectacular memory I will cherish forever. Smith family fun night was beyond phenomenal. Huge thank you to Charles Maund for the hookup, of course, daddysmith for taking us, but most importantly my smithboys for being well-behaved littles these past few weeks. Times like these make my heart explode with joy. This was our first time at the Texas Stars Hockey game but it definitely won’t be our last! Oh and a little heads up, when you attended these games don’t forget to bundle up. It is quite cold in there!

Houston Rodeo

Spring break has come and gone but the memories it brought my family was incredible. I couldn’t have asked for a better week with my husband and smithboys. A few weeks ago, daddysmith, the smithboys, and I took a ride to Houston TX, to visit my mama and one of the boys best friends Preston. While we were there we decided to go to the Houston Rodeo and let me start by saying the boys had an absolute BLAST! From riding sheep to chasing after a baby pig my sons wanted to stay there forever. Before I jump into the middle of our day let me bring it back to when we arrived at Nanny’s house. It was 11 o’clock at night, my boys were wide awake and ready to play with Preston. It wasn’t until this mama had to put her foot down at 1 AM to make them go to bed. We were waking up early to ride the metro rail to the rodeo and I wasn’t trying to have grumpy kiddos in the morning. When I got up that morning to wake the boys up I found smithboy#1 and Preston sleeping on a pallet, P created early that night.

Ayden and Preston

Once everyone was up we headed out the door to the rodeo. The boys were bouncing off the walls with energy because they were so thrilled to pet all the animals and ride all the carnival rides. Once we parked at the metro rail we walked on the train and rode it over to the stadium where the rodeo was taking place. We all decided it was never too early for pizza and everything fried so we stopped real quick to eat before going to the petting zoo.


Now that we had a full tummy it was time to walk over to the livestock show. The boys kept running to look at new animals and of course, try and touch them. We were able to see baby calves, newborn piglets, and a Longhorn. Then we saw the petting area. The boys went crazy in line waiting for their turn. Daddysmith bought everyone food so they could feed all the animals. Smithboy#1 made a couple of new friends, smithboy#2 wanted to chase the little piggy around, and as for myself, I fell in love with Bambi! The petting zoo had so many different animals, it was pretty amazing to hear both of my boys name everyone.

It was really hard to get everyone out of the pin because we all wanted to stay feeding the animals, including myself. The only way we were able to conceive them was to tell them it was time for the carnival! Growing up that was my favorite thing to do! Ride all the rides, eat tons of cotton candy, try and win the impossible carnival games. Now to tell you the truth my husband never ceases to amaze me. He was able to win the smithboys 4 stuffed animals. I don’t know how he did it but I’m sure glad he did. The boys were so impressed! After riding a few rides Nanny and RJ wanted to see one of there friends at the Muttin Bustin. Now if you were like me and needed some clarification on what muttin bustin was no worries let me explain… its when little kids get to ride a sheep just like adults ride bulls. We sat down and watched a couple of kids go and smithboy#1 said he wanted to try. LIKE OMG! I was so hesitant at first but I could tell he was looking at me for positive affirmation. As we were waiting for smithboy#1 to go he kept looking at me to make sure I was okay. I think he felt my nervousness so I kept reminding him how brave he was, and how excited I was for him to try something new. Watch the video below!



Daddysmith and I were so proud of our big man. We posted the video everywhere for everyone to see it. I defiantly think the highlight of the rodeo was that moment. The memory we just created with our son and the encouragement we gave him to always try something new is beautiful. Our trip to Houston was nothing short of incredible. As we grow older the memories we make become the moments we cherish. I am beyond happy Nanny, RJ, and Preston invited us down to the rodeo with them. A few weeks have gone by and the smithboys are still talking about the sleepover they had with their best friend, all the fun the had at the carnival, and of course smithboy#1 riding the sheep to victory. I hope yalls spring break was filled with joy and adventures just like ours.