A Trip Down Memory Lane

Every summer when I was little my nana would take myself and all my cousins to Zilker Park. We all would look forward to the day we would go because to us that park was the absolute best! There is a train to take you to Barton Springs and a huge playground with a fire truck! Time has passed and I haven’t gone in years until last Saturday mother nature decided it was a good idea to be nice a sunny out. In my mind, it was a perfect day for a bike ride or a trip to the park. Now if you read my last post you would know daddysmith and I did a little scavenger hunt for the best parks in the Austin and surrounding areas. So I thought to myself how am I going to beat last weekends park adventure? Then it dawned on me why not take the smithboys to Zilker. So I loaded them into the car, invited my friend Alyssa and her precious son Jackson, packed a lunch in the picnic basket and headed downtown. When we arrived I saw all my best childhood memories there at the park flash before my eyes. Yall nothing had changed. The fire truck was still there, the three men statue, and the huge slide that goes over the tracks and to the other side of the park was all still there. They did, however, add a few things like two food trucks but for the most part, everything was pretty much the exact same.


The boys were having a wonderful time running around all crazy, taking Alyssa and I every which way, showing us every new thing they found. It was honestly the absolute best feeling! Seeing the boys experience something I did at the same place was incredible. As a parent, you want to give your child a fantastic childhood. Take them somewhere new, experience something new, you know to show them the world. So being able to take a trip down memory lane with my sons and one of my good friends was a cherry on top of a perfect sundae. We finally got them to walk away from the park to have a quick snack and wait for our turn on the train. We placed our blanket and picnic basket under the shade and the boys started playing on top of the hill. Then the fullest thing happened. Jackson started rolling down the hill singing the Jack and Jill nursery rhyme, and as smithboy#1 was rolling after him Jackson then sang “Jack fell down broke his crown and Ayden rolled on after!”. Alyssa and I busted out laughing! The boys looked at us like we were crazy but it was too funny not to laugh and of course, cheer them on. The train was around the corner and it was finally our time to ride. We all jumped on and rode the train around the park, we even FaceTimed daddysmith to show him all the fun we were having.


Two and half hours later and all three boys were exhausted! Smithboy#2 even told me he was sleepy and was ready to go home. As we were walking back to the car, I couldn’t help but think about the remarkable time I just had. Taking a trip down memory lane with my sons was phenomenal and I hope one day but not too soon, my sons are able to take their littles here and experience it too. Three generations have come and gone to Zilker and I pray much more are able to do the same. Thanks for coming along Alyssa and Jackson and sharing this fond memory with me.

mama and her boys