Word of God

March 11, 2018| Matthew 26-27 | The Silence of God

Silence: The experience of unchanging circumstances.

We always ask the Lord to please take ____ away from me. In the chapter Matthew we read that Jesus prayed to God the exact thing. He secondly prayed to God if someone has to do it he will…for God’s will be done.

But in the chapter did God answer Jesus’ prayers? Nope, Jesus didn’t hear a single word from God. He prayed 3 times with no answer and his circumstances didn’t change after those 3 different times of prayer.

Abandonment: The experience of suffering alone.

Jesus calls out to God, why have you forsaken me? And nothing changed so he ask again why have you abandoned me? Now why would our heavenly Father do that? When Jesus was dying on the cross he was taking on everyone’s sin alone so we can live in righteousness of The Lord. God has nothing to do with Sin. Everything good is God. Everything evil is us. Jesus suffered in silence and alone so we never have to be alone, so we don’t have to suffer in silence. He did all of this so we will NEVER be for forsaken.