Power of Believing

Growing up my mother never enforced going to church. We went occasionally but it wasn’t a Sunday routine like it is now with my family. Not that there was anything wrong with that it’s just the facts. But as I grew up I learned about people with different backgrounds who had different interpretations of God. So in my teenage years I started dipping my toes into learning more about The Lord and the history within the Bible. I attended church with one of my friends a couple Sundays out of the month. Sang the songs and listened to the message. Monday would roll around and everything that I heard on Sunday went out the window. Like I said teenager.. not really participating. Durning my sophomore year in high school I found out my mother was diagnosed with Cancer. I literally felt like my entire world was about to come crumbling down. How was I supposed to encourage her to fight this battle when all I could think about was the worse case scenario. Instead of praying or seeking Gods guidance, I decided to do the complete opposite.. I questioned him, I questioned myself, I questioned everything about life. How could this be happening to my mother, to my family? A little time passed and my mom invited me to attend church with her friend Della and my sister. Of course to make her happy I tagged along. Considering this was about four years ago I can’t quite remember what the Pastor was preaching, I can remember one thing he said that has always stuck by me. “When you are attending church and listening to the message are you listening to my voice or are you listening to him?” At the time I was thinking of course I’m listening to God but I was only fooling myself. Once I got pregnant with smithboy#2 I went to church regularly with daddysmiths mama Annette, every other Sunday with smithboy#1 and occasionally with daddysmith. It wasn’t until a year ago when we first started attending Hill Country Bible Church as a family did I fully understand what that pastor was preaching years before. After a few Sundays of us going I realized God is speaking to me and I AM listening. I AM a child of God. I DO deserve his love. I WAS BELIEVING!! The excitement and encouragement from my husband and family to not only continue to go and worship him but to serve him as well was astonishing. Daddysmith and I put our smithboys into their children’s ministry and saw a difference in them right away. Smithboy#1 was telling me all he learned about respecting others and to respect God. He said he loved it and wanted to go back everyday. To see the excitement in his eyes and hear the joy in his voice was truly remarkable. HCBC has not only made my husband and myself accept Jesus in our life but created a fun environment for our sons to learn more about him as well. After a few months of attending and walking a faithful life we found out my mother was cancer free. For not only one year prior the doctors told us she had about 5-8 years to live. From that moment on I knew who to thank and who to praise for this extraordinary news. I can proudly say the Smith family are all firm believers of the Lord. I pray to him everyday, thanking him for all his sweet blessings and the strength he gives me for all my struggles. As my family faces each challenging obstacle, daddysmith and I believe that HE is providing us the strength and tools to conquer whatever comes along our path. He challenges us and pushes us but in the end he shows us the way. Through all our rises and downfalls we will continue to have faith in him like he has continued to have faith in us. “For I hold you by your right hand- I, the Lord your God. And I say to you, ‘Don’t be afraid. I am here to help you.'” -Isaiah 41:13