Sunday Funday @ The Aquarium

Two weeks ago Granny and Grandpa Holland invited the smithboys, daddysmith, and myself to the Austin Aquarium. It was their first time going and we were all super excited. The last time daddysmith, smithboy#1 and I went was when I was pregnant with smithboy#2.. so quite a while. Let me just say how much FUN it was to see the boys overjoyed to explore all the different types of fish. I think my favorite part was when smithboy#1 and daddysmith were feeding the stingrays. The stingrays were extremely friendly, one even came up and it honestly looked like he was waving at us. I don’t know who had more fun feeding them daddysmith or the smithboys. Which reminds me I’m still waiting on approval by the hubs to get one for the house. LOL!

After seeing all the different kinds of fish the boys were on to the next animal. With that being said we headed over to the “BIG TURTLE” as smithboy#2 would say. They were a little nervous at first but smithboy#1 warmed up to him and even got to feed him lettuce! Smithboy#2 was hesitate about most of the animals and like to watch from a far but loved to point out how “HUGE” the turtle was. I know I can’t speak for daddysmith but I can assume his favorite part was him and smithboy#1 feeding all the animals. Like I said before it was a while since the last time we came with smithboy#1. So seeing him older and wanting to feed all the animals was a great experience for not only him but for us parents and grandparents. Watching your child grow and try new things is an absolute amazing feeling. Makes me wanna give daddysmith and I a pat on the back and high five because we are obviously doing something right with our boys.

The next interaction we all had was with the birds. Yes you read that correctly.. Granny and Grandpa Holland, uncle Ryan, Daddysmith, Smithboys, and myself decided to be like smithboy#1 and try something new. We all went inside a birdcage. The boys and uncle Ryan were really thrilled and walked right in. Daddysmith, the grandparents, and myself not so much… However we all made it inside and found out that Granny Holland and daddysmith are bird whisperers. How I felt about the birds flying all around, landing on anyone and anything was written all over smithboy#2 face. I was totally freaking out on the inside but laughing and smiling on the outside.

Last but not very least we headed over to see the SHARKS!! I personally think sharks are beautiful creatures. Yes they have large, sharp, scary teeth but so does a dinosaur and smithboy#2 loves those. Obviously the aquarium didn’t have a great whites but a mini was good enough for all three of them. When daddysmith walked away to get more food, I noticed smithboy#1 whispering to smithboy#2 and laughing. I couldn’t help but to take a picture and of course ask him what he said.


He the proceeded to tell me “mommy this is brother talk no moms allowed to hear!” LIKE WHAT !? I honestly died laughing and of course respected his answer. 1. because it was literally the funniest response I got and 2. he was having a moment with his little brother. Who can ask for a better bond than the one those two have for each other. I mean there is just something so special between them that sometimes I picture how they will be when they are older. Im sure they will team up and drive their daddy and I insane but thats for another time and another blog post. Sunday funday with the grandparents and uncle Ryan was absolutely perfect. Anytime we all get to be around family is such a blessing for us Smiths. SO thank you Granny and Grandpa Holland for creating new memories with us and always being 20 minutes “down the street”.