Christmas Break 2017

This Christmas break was without a doubt one of the easiest breaks the smiths could ask for. I was off for an entire week and a half and daddysmith had a couple of days off as well. I did something different this year and decided to volunteer at my church HCBC. If you haven’t read my previous post The Wonder of Christmas you defiantly should go and check it out to see why Christmas was different for my family and myself. But like every year around holidays, we venture to my nanas for our annual Christmas dinner. Now when I say dinner I really mean @ noon. Anyway once we got to my Nanas everyone was already there so as a family we said grace and jumped right into eating. We were all so focused on sharing old memories, opening up our presents, and watching my favorite football team, we forgot to take any pictures. Except when my mom, sister and I went in the front yard for a mini photoshoot.


Once our photoshoot was done we went inside said our goodbyes and headed home before going to our next family “supper”. After we came home settled our tummies and rested our bodies we headed over to Granny’s and Grandpa’s house. We were very happy to see they won second place in their neighborhood for the best lights and decorations. I was told over and over the boys and I just had to go, see their house at night time because they spent so much time putting it all together. So I really needed them to win or I might have not heard the end of it. LOL. Even though they came in second the house looked fabulous and they were happy with the second place award. One thing I really want to mention is how freaking GREAT my mother-n-law is. She asked me about a week before Christmas eve what I would like to eat at the dinner. Of course, I said her manicotti because hers is out of this world but I was just throwing ideas out. Not only did she make the traditional meal for everyone she made me my favorite meal manicotti, she also made my sister-n-law gluten-free broccoli and cheese soup with crescent rolls. With that being said I wanna give a huge shout out to Granny Holland; YOU ROCK & thank you for making this mama super happy! Christmas Day was upon us and our only stop was @ the original Smiths. Driving up to Volente is always a beautiful site but arriving to see old videos of the family, paw-paw smith and daddysmith was absolutely perfect. I am so proud to say I love the family I was married into. They all have welcomed me with open arms and always supported daddysmith and I as a couple. Being around them and getting to hear and see the memories they created over the years is the best feeling. I am so thankful for them and of course Nick & Dani’s cooking because that is a perk too! Christmas has finally come to an end and normally we would be excited for the day but this year we were all a little sad. We normally get smithboy#1 on Christmas Day but this year was different and we were scheduled to get him on the 28th of December at noon. Daddysmith had to go into work for a couple of hours but would meet us at home. I picked my big man up right on the dot. I could tell he was beyond happy to see me because he hugged for a good two minutes before I put him in the car. Daddysmith told me he might not be feeling well so I decided to take him to the doctor. There we found out he had an upper respiratory infection and we couldn’t go to the Trail of Lights. We were all a little disappointed but my sons’ health always comes first. Little did he know the entire family was still coming over to open up presents!! Granny & Grandpa Holland, Nanny, Nae-Nae, Rj and P all came to visit and join our Smith Christmas party. I wanna give another personal shout-out to my mama for the best PJs the smith family could ask for. I am a plaid lover ask any of my family and friends so THEY ARE PERFECT! Also thanks sissy for taking the best photos of us even if we almost to never look at the camera.


The weekend was just beginning and we had no idea what was in store for us. We didn’t have any plans but to lounge around all weekend, play with our new toys and donate all our old ones. One thing I can proudly say is my sons love to donate their old toys to kiddos who go without. Daddysmith and I have always taught the smithboys the power of giving. Anytime the boys have a birthday or when Santa comes to town we donate all their unused toys. My smithboys donated THREE BAGS full of toys! & this year it finally hit smithboy#1 on why we do what we do. He told me he wanted to give away all his old toys he never plays with because a little boy might not have gotten anything from Santa and wanted to make someone else happy. Now if that doesn’t warm your heart and a bring a tear to your eye, I don’t know what will. I am so fortunate to have such amazing, smart, kind-hearted little boys. I like to believe daddysmith and I are doing a pretty dang good job at raising them. After dropping off all the bags we decided to take our littles to Main Event. Celebrate their generosity and showing them good deeds go a long way. With our Christmas break over I can’t help but to feel so much love and happiness throughout the entire time we were all together. We as a family love to be able to spend quality time with one another and enjoy making new memories. This break might not have included new places to go and adventure too but staying up late, watching new movies, eating popcorn, playing video games and being a family is more than enough for us. We will forever be grateful for one another and the love we share as a family. Thank you family and friends for partaking in Smith’s Christmas break. We appreciate all your love and support for us four. Most importantly thank you Lord for all you do. Your love truly never fails.