A heart full of love for Jesus Christ

My family and I have been worshiping God at Hill Country Bible Church for a year now. My boys have attended their children’s ministry and absolutely LOVE it! This past Sunday smithboy#1 asked if he was going to his bible school because he really wanted too. As a mother and firm believer of Jesus Christ my love tank filled with joy. When we dropped him off he gave daddysmith and I a hug and walked right in waving goodbye. Daddysmith and I went to our normal spot and a hour later we went to pick him up. He was so excited to share what he learned with us. Below is the project he did with help from an older student. Who was so nice to listen, write and draw for him. img_6257.jpg

He started to show us the bracelets he made for daddysmith, smithboy#2, me and himself. Described the colors on them and what they represented. We then proceeded to go over his drawings…

B: He said; Mom & Dad because we always pray for one another and his neighbor because we pray for people around us.

L: He said; I didn’t write anything because I always listen

E: He said; I drew Kashy and me at the table with apples, blueberries, banana, oranges, and a HUGE pizza because we LOVE pizza!

S: He said; I drew me asking Kashy if I can tie his shoes since he’s little and doesn’t know how.

S: He said; mommy I didn’t draw anything because I wanted to play with my friends.

As he was sharing these with me I couldn’t help but to notice how much wonder in learning and sharing what Jesus means to him. Daddysmith and I have grown closer too God and too see our son grow closer to him as well is incredible. From what he learns every Sunday at bible church to practicing it everyday at home is a gift from God. Our smithboy#2 amazes me just as much as smithboy#1. Every time we sit at the table for breakfast, lunch or dinner we pray as a family. Thanking the Lord for all our blessings and for each family member. Sometimes the boys will pray for their toys, games and whatever daddysmith bought them that day. The past couple of times we’ve been in a rush to start eating. After a few bites smithboy#2 will remind us that we forgot to pray by simply saying “AMEN!”. & if you know our little man personally you’ll know he will not just say amen but scream amen until we all say it and or stop eating and pray. Our boys have a heart full of love for not only daddysmith, myself and each other but for Jesus Christ. My husband and I are so proud of our boys and the little men they are growing up to be. They are bold, bright, strong, loving boys. As parents and the Lords servants we will continue to teach them right from wrong. We will raise them to have faith in HIM, and to never forget; we love HIM, because he first loved us. (John 4:19)