Love’s Going to Conquer All

Have you ever listened to a song for the first time on the radio and knew that it was meant for you to hear? I like to believe that things happen for a reason, so when I heard Dear Hate by Maren Morris feat. Vince Gill, I knew it was no coincidence. If you scroll down I have added the video as well as the lyrics to the song. I want you to listen and read the lyrics with an open mind. I have wanted to blog about this feeling for a while but the words weren’t there until I heard this particular song.

I have added the lyrics here;

Dear Hate
I saw you on the news today
Like a shock that takes my breath away
You fall like rain, cover us in drops of pain
I’m afraid that we just might drown
Dear Hate
Well, you sure are colorblind
Your kiss is the cruelest kind
You could poison any mind
Just look at mine
Don’t know how this world keeps spinning ’round and ’round
You were there in the garden, like a snake in the grass
I see you in the morning staring through the looking glass
You whisper down through history and echo through these halls
But I hate to tell you, love’s gonna conquer all
Dear Hate
You were smiling from that Selma bridge
In Dallas, when that bullet hit and Jackie cried
You pulled those towers from the sky
But even on our darkest nights
The world keeps spinning ’round
You were there in the garden, like a snake in the grass
I see you in the morning staring through the looking glass
You whisper down through history and echo through these halls
But I hate to tell you, love’s gonna conquer all
Dear Love
Just when I think you’ve given up
You were there in the garden when I ran from your voice
I hear you every morning through the chaos and the noise
You still whisper down through history and echo through these halls
And tell me love’s gonna conquer all
Gonna conquer all
Hate is everywhere. It is lurking at every corner. It will come around when we least expect it. It is the evil in this world. It can make or break anyone. It can consume us. It can win if we let it. I first heard this song after a couple days filled with bad news and some hurtful words. I was contemplating someone’s actions and why they were being so bitter to me and others around me. I was trying to understand why they felt so much hate. I came home to my husband, talked to him about how I was feeling and tried to let this feeling of anger and aggression go. He listened to me vent and took a deep breath and said to me; “Babe, first you won’t be able to understand why people do what they do or say what they say. Second, you need to stop looking at the negative, the angry, the hatred and focus on what is in front of you. What God has blessed YOU with. Do not be concerned why others are treating us harshly because they have to answer to God, not us. We will continue to pray and focus on us and our sons.” Now many of you don’t know my husband personally but he never EVER shares emotional stuff. He is our rock that keeps everything to himself and just lets me (the over emotional one) express myself. Therefore when he gave me that piece of advice I knew I needed to really ponder what my husband said. While listening to this song on repeat.. it dawned on me. Why should I let someone else’s feeling of hatred consume my thoughts and my day to day life? I have an incredible husband, two wonderful boys, a family who loves and supports me, and a God to give me strength when I feel weak. This takes me back to what I overcame in my post Rejection too let go and let God because even on our darkest nights HE will be there… When I wake in the morning the world would not have stopped but continued to spin and that’s exactly what I need to do. I need to wake up every day and continue to move forward. Live my life and not focus on others opinions or thoughts of me. As a family, we will continue to grow together, cherish life with one another, make memories and put our faith and love above all else. Hate will not win because our LOVE for each other will conquer all.

Stop & Breathe

For about 5 months now my life has been an endless rollercoaster. I understand life, in general, is a rollercoaster but it should more like the Superman at Six Flags, not the Scream. If you haven’t traveled to Six Flags Theme Park and rode those two rides let me explain. The Superman brings you up high, down low, all around, upside down, left to right, down and back up again. On the other hand, Scream does the complete opposite. It brings you up high and straight back down with small up and down motions in-between. Since you can kinda understand the rides you can see why I would rather be on a different ride than the Scream. As a consequence of living my life on the scream, my physical and mental emotions have been all over the place. Trying to cope and understand the up and down motions within the last few months really took a toll on me. I was in a mindset to be on the go constantly without taking care of my mind and body. It wasn’t until my smithboys made me stop and breathe in the fresh air a week ago did I understand my life needed to slow down. I picked up smithboy#1 and as we were passing Pflugerville Lake we saw people kiteboarding. Normally we would drive by and watch for a second but both boys seemed really interested. At that point, I decided to drive up to the parking lot, and walk the boys to the pier.


The wind was strong and it was chilly but it felt so relaxing. To not have a care in the world about my next move, or think about anything else was comforting. It was something I haven’t done in quite a while. We stood there watching everyone enjoy the sun, wind, and water. Smithboy#1 was in amazement how high they got and how they were able to do flips in the air. He couldn’t wait to tell daddysmith. Smithboy#2 kept saying “wow” and “cool mommy”. I was explaining to the boys how the guys weren’t cold, what wetsuit was, and how the wind and kite were able to carry them around the water. We watched for about 5 minutes just taking everything in.


As we all three stood there I thought to myself, I wish I could go back, start over, change a few steps and tell myself to stop and breathe throughout the last few months. Since I do not have magical powers to do so (shh, don’t tell my boys that) I found that I can only correct my mistake and try to not let it happen again. The boys were getting cold and the wind was getting stronger so we decided to head home. While walking to the car, I couldn’t help but look back and really take in the scenery. How beautiful the day was, how happy my boys were, and how today I was able to freeze time even just for a second. The entire way home I thought how tremendous it felt to savor that exact moment with my boys. Although they were unaware of what I learned on the pier that day it will later be a lesson I can teach them. & as a mother, there is no greater feeling than to do just that. So the next time life gets ahead of you..stop, take a deep breath and start over.