Kashton. Steven. Smith


Dear my sweetest love,

I wrote you a letter because one you wouldn’t understand right now and two you wouldn’t sit still to listen to me. but once you get older you’ll be able to read all the things mommy post about you. So here it is…

As I carried you for 8 months and pushed you into this world I couldn’t help but feel a magical connection with you the day I found out you were in my belly. You were a surprise, to say the least, but daddy and I are so thankful God had blessed us with you. As you continue to grow my favorite thing is to see the unconditional love you have for daddy, your brother, and I. The way you scream my name when you see me and just run to me laughing. How you snuggle so tightly and closely with me when we go to bed. When you climb up me like a monkey in a tree and say I got you, mommy. The way you love your daddy when he gets home from work. & how you are always so concerned when daddy leaves to walk Simba. How you lay in bed in the mornings cuddled with daddy and always suckering him into watching paw patrol. The way you try so hard to be just like your brother or try to impress him. How you look up to him and try to do everything he does. How y’all both rather sleep with each other than alone in your own beds. You’ve grown into a little man who loves to play outside. Who enjoys taking baths and will take them three times a day if you could. I’m pretty sure you get that from daddy. You continue to amaze me with how smart you’ve become. You can count to three and can name two colors red and blue. You know about five different animals and love telling us when you can see the moon. Your favorite color is blue and favorite snacks are chips and goldfish. Please never stop being brave and a respectful little boy. You will forever be my little baby and I will always be your mama. I hope you have the best day birthday and always remember mommy loves you. Happy birthday little man.

Love always,