5 weeks, 5 practices, 5 games, and my #5 is killin’ it! Smithboy#1 has made 5 goals since he started soccer a few weeks ago & daddysmith and I couldn’t be more proud. Playing a new sport is always challenging when you first start and maybe even more difficult when your mom who has never played or coached soccer is the team’s coach. He is truly enjoying the sport and developing more of passion for it. Before every game, he tells us how many goals he wants to make. (Its always five considering that’s how old he is and that his FAVORITE number.)  After every game, he tells us how many goals he actually made throughout the game. Two weeks ago he was upset with himself because he set the goal to make 5 goals as usual but only made two. He got down on himself because us Smiths like the Talladega Nights phrase “If you ain’t first, your last!”. BUT daddysmith has taught the boys, including myself a little something grandpa smith taught him… “Whenever we don’t succeed, we get up and try harder.” Like I said smithboy#1 was feeling a little bit down in the dumps so daddysmith told him it’s okay buddy but what are we going to do next game? & smithboy#1 said TRY HARDER NEXT TIME!

With the support of daddysmith, smithboy#2 and myself he knew he could conquer anything he put his mind too. One thing I love about my family is the support we have for one another. I grew up playing all different sports as well as my sister and cousins. When I got older I stopped playing but my mom would still take us to every softball and baseball tourney my sister and cousins had. Now that I am older with children of my own I can’t wait to run around taking both smithboy#1 and smithboy#2 to their soccer/baseball/football games as well as going to my little niece’s games. Our family might take up a full section of the soccer fields but hey we will do anything to cheer for #5 on Saturday mornings.