Let me start this post off with.. MOVING SUCKS! If you haven’t had a bad experience moving I am calling you a blessed lair. Now lets began..

The first time I moved was out of my mother’s house because I just turned 18 and knew it all but hats another story for another day. Back to moving.. I had a dresser, bed, plus all my clothes and shoes etc. Nothing to crazy, just the things a teenager would have in their room and what soley my mom would let me have considering she bought everything I was taking with me. The move wasn’t bad because my cousin Jesse and his friend helped me move. The only negative thing I can say about move number one was they were late and took their sweet ass time. My second move was easier as well. I think the only reason I can say it went smoothly is because I was 8 months pregnant and nesting. I packed the entire one bedroom apartment up in one day. We hired these two gentleman who daddysmith knew to help us with the move. They came, they moved, and they made me one happy mama. The following day we moved I had unpacked the ENTIRE house. Like I previously said I was 8 months pregnant and nesting. Mamas you’ll know exactly what I’m talkin about. (Btw that was my favorite move.) So here we are at my most recent move.. 2 adults, 2 kiddos and 1 pup later we had a bunch of junk I mean stuff. I am working full time, while maintaining being a soccer mom and coach, also a full time mama and wife so I was slowly packing up the house. Daddysimith hired a moving company this time the day before our move to help us out. This is when the as my mom would say it “shit hit the fan”. They were scheduled to come between 1-2 Sunday afternoon. When 2 o’clock arrived and no moving company daddysmith called and they said they were running late and would be here around 7-8. Considering both smithboys go to bed at the very latest 9 I was furious. Along with the movers dilemma, AT&T was all messed up and we didn’t have our internet or cable connected. 7:30 rolls around and we get a very unpleasant phone call.. The moving company was still in Kyle (a hour away) and would able to move us closer to 9-10 PM. Y’all at this point I was just at a loss for words. Thank goodness for my husband and his friend Taylor because with out them I would’ve been losing my freaking mind and going off on the drivers. Taylor and daddysmith brought over our mattress, smithboy#2 crib, along with some random boxes so we could stay at our new place. I didn’t mention the random boxes to them because they were just trying to help. Daddysmith called another company who was there to rescue us the following morning. They started @ 8:15 and ended @ 11:15. As of now we are a few days into our new place and I have yet to finish unpacking. No excuse as to why just want everything in a particularly place. House is still a little messy but we will due. We are just happy the move is over and we can enjoy our new place as a family.

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