Good Intentions

The church my boys and I attended had a sermon series a few months ago about Killing Giants Before They Kill You. Within the series, I found one that hit really close to home. It was the giant of good intentions. Now, I will be the first to admit when I try to do something positive it comes out negative. I will also be the first to admit when I feel in my heart I am right about a situation I will not hesitate to back down. We all have good intentions, some intentions fail while other exceed our highest expectation. Yet we still continue to live our life like we are benefiting from helping others. As in “I thought that was a good idea too (insert good intentions here)”. So when I heard the sermon The Giant of Good Intentions for the first time I immediately thought oh my stars Pastor Tim is talking directly to me. Of course, there were like 100 more people in the room but I felt like that Sunday God was showing me the steps I need to take. Giving myself not only insight into my direction but the guidance I need to overcome this giant. Here we are a few months later and as I was cleaning out my car I found the notes I took that very day. Reading;

  • Don’t assume good intentions make you untouchable
  • When it comes to obedience, sweat the small stuff

Apparently, I needed a little reminder of the sermon these days because I am in a sticky situation right now. I have gone above and beyond for someone for a couple of years and so far my intentions have only backfired. People move on and they try to see the positive in every situation..right? NOPE! Not when it comes to my problem, seeing it has only gotten worse. Rereading my notes as well as going back and listening to the Paster talk about good intentions only lead me to reevaluate the outcome of the last few “good intentions” I had. Well here goes nothing…

  1. I participated in being smithboy#1 soccer coach with my husband’s ex and at the time I thought hey this would be great co-parenting for us! (feeling untouchable)
  2. I put in all the effort when the others didn’t and I was still receiving the short end of the stick. (not sweating the small stuff)

Lastly, I was so caught up in the direction I wanted to go yet I wasn’t fully thinking of Gods intentions and his story for me. How in life everything happens for a reason, and its all based on God plan for us. We might at times don’t see it or even want to acknowledge it but the plan is there. The Lord is there waiting for us. To help us pick up the missing pieces of our life. After all, he doesn’t expect us to be perfect, but to have faith in him. Because without faith were would we be?

Pumpkin cookie

19 days into October and I have yet to have a pumpkin spice latte, decorate our house for Halloween, eat pumpkin bread or even carve a pumpkin for that matter. So today at lunch I saw a huge pumpkin cookie and thought yes I need that. But to be honest I feel like anytime I step into Randals or Target I turn into an impulsive buyer. I start going crazy with putting stuff in my cart that I DO NOT need. One day I bought 10 cookie cups. Who in the world buys 10 cookie cups? Yeah.. this girl… anywho like I was saying, this year we weren’t really feeling the holiday spirit. Therefore I had a great reason to buy the cookie. Right? Once the smithboys were finished with their dinner they were allowed to start decorating.

Since I’m an RDA I rarely let my boys have tons of sugar so the smithboys were extra grateful. As we all sat around the table I noticed something a little different with each boy. Daddysmith was not thinking about work or bills just feeling completely stress-free. Smithboy#1 was happy to be involved with making a dessert for the family. Smithboy#2 was over the moon his brother was showing him how to decorate for the first time. Watching all three of my smiths feeling joy and happiness made myself feel whole. God truly works in mysterious ways. Tonight I think he showed my family that even sitting down and decorating a pumpkin cookie for a few moments makes all the difference. We get caught up in our everyday life’s that we don’t stop and appreciate the small things. So next time you’re at HEB, Target, or Randals stop and pick up a little something for your family or partner. You never know what it might do for you or for them.

Ps. The cookie had so much artificial sugar we only took like two bites. But hey it was the memory we created with one another that matters the most.

Parents weekend out


Many parents know it’s hard to get alone time when you have kiddos. Parents that have children who play sports know all too well it’s harder to go out with your wife or husband. Our weekends have been super crazy since smithboy#1 started soccer, daddysmith works Friday and Saturdays, along with smithboy#2 being a very active toddler. Like I said before our weekends are crazy, but this weekend was a tad different. Friday was my office party at Main Event so nanny (my mama) came over to watch the boys. Daddysmith got off work early and met me there around 7. The party was from 6-10 with bbq buffet, unlimited drinks, (open bar, thanks Chelsea) bowling, laser tag, and a $25 play card.


I wasn’t the best bowler but I did beat my boss and daddysmith in laser tag. As we were going home we both mentioned how great it was to go out for a couple of hours and be partners, not parents. It’s hard for us because most of our friends don’t have kids so they can’t really relate. We definitely go out and socialize but to sports events, HCBC Sunday school or parks. LOL. Anyway, we came home thanked my mama for watching the smithboys and planned out our Saturday since daddysmith was going to work and smithboy#1 had soccer. Tomorrow rolls around I am getting the boys ready for the soccer game when daddysmith calls me and says he won tickets to the UT game playing rock paper scissors. LIKE WTH? Who wins UT football tickets and parking pass playing that game… well my husband that’s who. We were debating about even going because we went out the night before and really didn’t want to leave our boys again. On the other hand, we were both in shock and never gone to a UT game with one another. What to do?What to do? It just so happens Granny (daddysmiths mama) was back into town and would be delighted to help us out and watch the boys. Those were her exact words btw. With the smithboys picked up and the tickets in our hands, daddysmith and I were on our way to the game. We went, we saw, we fell in love with each other all over again.

mamasmith and daddysmith

If you didn’t see the game you definitely missed out. Double overtime y’all! UT beat Kansas State 40-34!! As we were walking back to the car daddysmith and I couldn’t stop laughing and giving each other smooches. We kept talking about how blessed we were to have one another not just as partners but best friends, and how lucky we were to spend this quality time together. Main Event and the UT game put a little sparkle back into our relationship. Time flies and as adults, we rarely stop and enjoy the moments we have with our special someone. I challenge you to leave your kids or fur babies with the grandparents and take your lover out on a date. Go to the movies, dinner, or even just to get some ice cream. I promise they will 1. Be thrilled to get away for five minutes with you. 2. Be happy you thought of them. 3. You’ll definitely get some kuddo points which always come in handy on a rainy day.