When is enough… enough? 

As the days turn into months and months into years people evolve. Some change and better themselves with positivity and acceptance while others fall into a trap of deep selfishness and insecurities. Recently my husband and I went to a class at the church we’ve attended for quite some time now. The class was called next steps. We knew going to praise God on Sundays, listening to the pastor’s message and applying it to our everyday life’s was something we enjoyed doing together. So what can we do next to get closer to God and to get spiritually closer to one another? HCBC had the answer… Next Steps! Like I said before we attended the class and came out with a clearer understanding of what it meant to be apart of Gods world and what it means to fully accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. The lady who was instructing the class drew a line on a whiteboard and this is what it looked like;

You                                                                The Lord

She said you are on the left and you think you are on a journey to be on the right but you’re wrong. We attempt different things in our life to become more like him. God is understanding, loving, forgiving, compassionate, selfless. We as humans are loving and understanding but also angry, despiteful, and manipulative. The lord does not carry those attributes. We think by volunteering, pay for someones Starbucks, coming to church every Sunday, and praying to him we are going to more like him. Well y’all are wrong. You need not please God or to be like him. He created you to be YOU. Therefore we need not go through life with the plans we have created for ourselves but we need to enjoy his plan, his path. We all at one point tried to be someone we aren’t. Tried to impress, try to one-up one another, tried to point the finger and blame someone else for our flaws. But when is enough, enough? When are we going to stop trying to be what social media wants us to be? When are going to stop listening or worrying about what others think about us? When are we going to look in the mirror and be completely content with who is looking back? Today was a difficult day for me. This past couple of weeks I was pretending to be a person who someone wanted me to be. Entertaining others wants and needs before mine. I was going backward in my journey, & today was the day the walls of pretending, lies and insecurities came crumbling down. I felt hurt but also relieved. I said to myself enough is enough. I will no longer let this person’s negativity get to me. I will no longer take steps back on my path. I will no longer be a person SHE wants me to be. I will be the person HE created me to be. Enough was enough. At this moment I ask you.. when you look at yourself in the mirror are you who he created you to be or what society wants you to be. Is enough.. enough?

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