A Christmas Tradition // Elf on the Shelf Edition

Christmas is by far my F A V O R I T E holiday!

I do my best to soak up every magical moment this season has to offer, with the birth of Christ, sweet treats, Trail of Lights and of course Santa has us, Smiths, having a lot to look forward too. However, there is one thing that keeps us all on our toes each and every year + Elf on the Shelf!


We Took a Chance & Fell In Love + Young Living

Change is not something I do very well. I am rather a particular person, and when it comes to a routine you better believe I am sticking to them. However, we took a chance with change and fell in love with Essential Oils! You might be wondering why I made the jump from harsh fragrances and chemical products to oils? Which is a valid question and it’s a pretty easy answer; for my littles. We had tried incenses and candles which only caused so much unnecessary smoke in our home. My husband and I also tried the plugins from target and bath and body works which made our home smell great for a couple of days then burnt out. But everything we tried was really harmful to our smithboys immune system. Breathing in harsh chemicals every day just to make our home smell like a beach was in our opinion ridiculous. So we went on a hunt to find the best product that was safe for our family and our home. That’s when I came across Young Living! It was honestly my first choice but I had to seek other options for my husband. He likes having different alternatives to choose from. A week went by and I kept mentioning Young Living Essential Oils. A hint here and another hint there until he jumped in and made the decision to make our family be a part of the essential oil family.