Ten Things Making Me Happy

  1. Smithboy#2 getting accepted to HCCA for 2019-2020 school year!
  2. Having the energy to hit the gym 3-4 times a week.
  3. The growth in my husband’s spiritual journey.
  4. Finding all the smithboys missing socks.
  5. The beautiful Austin, Texas weather!
  6. Getting Smithboy#1 for the weekend after not seeing him for two LONG weeks.
  7. My sweet friend at work who literally makes my day every time I see her. #thanksrachel
  8. Planning our first big family trip out of state!
  9. Eating Fruitloops with marshmallows before bed because why not.
  10. Seeing so much positivity on social media.


Soccer Season

Holy cow y’all, soccer season is here! Today, this mom will be all around town traveling to TWO soccer games for smithboy#1.



Limiting how much coffee I drink every day.
Missing 80-degree weather.
Looking forward to Stepmoms Alive this weekend.
Teaching manners over + over + over + over.
Studying the art of patience.
Watching Spartacus season three.
Developing genuine friendships.
Fighting the body aches from working out.
Reading “Strong Mothers, Strong Sons”.
Going to soccer games every Saturday.
Eventually just trying to be a great mom + a great person.