A Week of Love

Every year a special day comes along, where men and women treat their loved ones to a special night. No I am not talking about their anniversary I am talking about the day of LOVE! Valentine’s Day! Like every year daddysmith and I enjoy celebrating valentines week. Be believe that the week needs to be about showing our love and appreciation to each other. Day one was upon us and my first person to share all my love to was my little man smithboy#2. mamas boy

When I got home from a long day of work all I wanted to do was lay in bed with my baby valentine and thats exactly what I did. I made him his favorite snack, put on his favorite movie and we cuddled until he fell asleep. For him its the little things that makes him happy. & when my sons are happy this mamas love tank overflows with joy. The next morning I shared my second love week photo of my smithboys.


I decided to share this snapshot of the smithboys in particular because it sums up their relationship. The happiness each one gives the other is astonishing. When they are together they are honestly inseparable. Smithboy#1 loves to show smithboy#2 the ropes and smithboy#2 always goes to smithboy#1 for everything. God does amazing things with these two and one thing I will forever be thankful for is the pure LOVE they have for one another. Like I have said before there is just something about a brothers bond that is boundless. With two days down, Valentine’s Day was finally here! Roll out all the chocolate covered strawberries, flowers, gifts, and cute pictures of your loves on social media. I know I did. smith family

Although we weren’t all together on national love day, I knew we were in each others heart. I was however able to call smithboy#1 and wish him a very happy Valentine’s Day and it was the absolute sweetest 1 minute conversation. Later that night daddysmith had preordered Olive Garden for us, and took me to the movies. If you didn’t know by now those two are my absolute favorite things to do with my husband. So going and seeing Den of Thieves late at night was the perfect gift for me. Which brings me to day fours photo post at midnight with my forever valentine;


Friday was here I couldn’t imagine posting any other picture than the one of smithboy#1 and I earlier. Why you may ask? Well I’ll tell ya.. When he was dropped off the day before he jumped out of the car and sprinted as fast has he could to daddysmith, speeded up the stairs to hug smithboy#2 and raced over to me for his very last hug. but thats not all.. Smithboy#1 is notorious for whispering things in my ear so I wasn’t a bit surprised when he whispered in mine when he hugged me, but what he whispered did. He quietly said “mommy, I missed you and was so happy when you called me.” LIKE OMG YALL.. my son really knows how to melt my heart!! Therefore it was only fitting to share a picture of him and I for the last day of my valentines week. mamas boy

Like I said in my post on instagram, our love for one another is undeniable and the happiness he has brought me over the years is out of this world. I am overjoyed that he will be my valentine every year to come. I know he didn’t have to show me love when we met but  he has every day since he was two. & for my son to teach me unconditional love is a very grateful feeling. This week was not just for gifts, candies, dinners or parties. This week was all about showering my boys and husband with love that God has poured over me. My Pastor last Sunday preached about being Inspired by Love, and before we go out changing the world we need to start at the basic relationships in our life. & thats exactly what I did. This week I lived love at home but I realized I didn’t just want to stop there. I want to continue to live a life with everlasting love as well as being a person who sees God’s love through me. Like 1 John 4:19 states;

John 4:19

Power of Believing

Growing up my mother never enforced going to church. We went occasionally but it wasn’t a Sunday routine like it is now with my family. Not that there was anything wrong with that it’s just the facts. But as I grew up I learned about people with different backgrounds who had different interpretations of God. So in my teenage years I started dipping my toes into learning more about The Lord and the history within the Bible. I attended church with one of my friends a couple Sundays out of the month. Sang the songs and listened to the message. Monday would roll around and everything that I heard on Sunday went out the window. Like I said teenager.. not really participating. Durning my sophomore year in high school I found out my mother was diagnosed with Cancer. I literally felt like my entire world was about to come crumbling down. How was I supposed to encourage her to fight this battle when all I could think about was the worse case scenario. Instead of praying or seeking Gods guidance, I decided to do the complete opposite.. I questioned him, I questioned myself, I questioned everything about life. How could this be happening to my mother, to my family? A little time pasted and my mom invited me to attend church with her friend Della and my sister. Of course to make her happy I tagged along. Considering this was about four years ago I can’t quite remember what the Pastor was preaching, I can remember one thing he said that has always stuck by me. “When you are attending church and listening to the message are you listening to my voice or are you listening to him?” At the time I was thinking of course I’m listening to God but I was only fooling myself. Once I got pregnant with smithboy#2 I went to church regularly with daddysmiths mama Annette, every other Sunday with smithboy#1 and occasionally with daddysmith. It wasn’t until a year ago when we first started attending Hill Country Bible Church as a family did I fully understand what that pastor was preaching years before. After a few Sundays of us going I realized God is speaking to me and I AM listening. I AM a child of God. I DO deserve his love. I WAS BELIEVING!! The excitement and encouragement from my husband and family to not only continue to go and worship him but to serve him as well was astonishing. Daddysmith and I put our smithboys into their children’s ministry and saw a difference in them right away. Smithboy#1 was telling me all he learned about respecting others and to respect God. He said he loved it and wanted to go back everyday. To see the excitement in his eyes and hear the joy in his voice was truly remarkable. HCBC has not only made my husband and myself accept Jesus in our life but created a fun environment for our sons to learn more about him as well. After a few months of attending and walking a faithful life we found out my mother was cancer free. For not only one year prior the doctors told us she had about 5-8 years to live. From that moment on I knew who to thank and who to praise for this extraordinary news. I can proudly say the Smith family are all firm believers of the Lord. I pray to him everyday, thanking him for all his sweet blessings and the strength he gives me for all my struggles. As my family faces each challenging obstacle, daddysmith and I believe that HE is providing us the strength and tools to conquer whatever comes along our path. He challenges us and pushes us but in the end he shows us the way. Through all our rises and downfalls we will continue to have faith in him like he has continued to have faith in us. “For I hold you by your right hand- I, the Lord your God. And I say to you, ‘Don’t be afraid. I am here to help you.'” -Isaiah 41:13


Sunday Funday @ The Aquarium

Two weeks ago Granny and Grandpa Holland invited the smithboys, daddysmith, and myself to the Austin Aquarium. It was their first time going and we were all super excited. The last time daddysmith, smithboy#1 and I went was when I was pregnant with smithboy#2.. so quite a while. Let me just say how much FUN it was to see the boys overjoyed to explore all the different types of fish. I think my favorite part was when smithboy#1 and daddysmith were feeding the stingrays. The stingrays were extremely friendly, one even came up and it honestly looked like he was waving at us. I don’t know who had more fun feeding them daddysmith or the smithboys. Which reminds me I’m still waiting on approval by the hubs to get one for the house. LOL!

After seeing all the different kinds of fish the boys were on to the next animal. With that being said we headed over to the “BIG TURTLE” as smithboy#2 would say. They were a little nervous at first but smithboy#1 warmed up to him and even got to feed him lettuce! Smithboy#2 was hesitate about most of the animals and like to watch from a far but loved to point out how “HUGE” the turtle was. I know I can’t speak for daddysmith but I can assume his favorite part was him and smithboy#1 feeding all the animals. Like I said before it was a while since the last time we came with smithboy#1. So seeing him older and wanting to feed all the animals was a great experience for not only him but for us parents and grandparents. Watching your child grow and try new things is an absolute amazing feeling. Makes me wanna give daddysmith and I a pat on the back and high five because we are obviously doing something right with our boys.

The next interaction we all had was with the birds. Yes you read that correctly.. Granny and Grandpa Holland, uncle Ryan, Daddysmith, Smithboys, and myself decided to be like smithboy#1 and try something new. We all went inside a birdcage. The boys and uncle Ryan were really thrilled and walked right in. Daddysmith, the grandparents, and myself not so much… However we all made it inside and found out that Granny Holland and daddysmith are bird whisperers. How I felt about the birds flying all around, landing on anyone and anything was written all over smithboy#2 face. I was totally freaking out on the inside but laughing and smiling on the outside.

Last but not very least we headed over to see the SHARKS!! I personally think sharks are beautiful creatures. Yes they have large, sharp, scary teeth but so does a dinosaur and smithboy#2 loves those. Obviously the aquarium didn’t have a great whites but a mini was good enough for all three of them. When daddysmith walked away to get more food, I noticed smithboy#1 whispering to smithboy#2 and laughing. I couldn’t help but to take a picture and of course ask him what he said.


He the proceeded to tell me “mommy this is brother talk no moms allowed to hear!” LIKE WHAT !? I honestly died laughing and of course respected his answer. 1. because it was literally the funniest response I got and 2. he was having a moment with his little brother. Who can ask for a better bond than the one those two have for each other. I mean there is just something so special between them that sometimes I picture how they will be when they are older. Im sure they will team up and drive their daddy and I insane but thats for another time and another blog post. Sunday funday with the grandparents and uncle Ryan was absolutely perfect. Anytime we all get to be around family is such a blessing for us Smiths. SO thank you Granny and Grandpa Holland for creating new memories with us and always being 20 minutes “down the street”.

Love’s Going to Conquer All

Have you ever listened to a song for the first time on the radio and knew that it was meant for you to hear. I like to believe that things happen for a reason, so when I heard Dear Hate by Maren Morris feat. Vince Gill, I knew it was no coincidence. If you scroll down I have added the video as well as the lyrics to the song. I want you to listen and read the lyrics with an open mind. I have wanted to blog about this feeling for a while but the words weren’t there until I heard this particular song.

I have added the lyrics here;

Dear Hate
I saw you on the news today
Like a shock that takes my breath away
You fall like rain, cover us in drops of pain
I’m afraid that we just might drown
Dear Hate
Well, you sure are colorblind
Your kiss is the cruelest kind
You could poison any mind
Just look at mine
Don’t know how this world keeps spinning ’round and ’round
You were there in the garden, like a snake in the grass
I see you in the morning staring through the looking glass
You whisper down through history and echo through these halls
But I hate to tell you, love’s gonna conquer all
Dear Hate
You were smiling from that Selma bridge
In Dallas, when that bullet hit and Jackie cried
You pulled those towers from the sky
But even on our darkest nights
The world keeps spinning ’round
You were there in the garden, like a snake in the grass
I see you in the morning staring through the looking glass
You whisper down through history and echo through these halls
But I hate to tell you, love’s gonna conquer all
Dear Love
Just when I think you’ve given up
You were there in the garden when I ran from your voice
I hear you every morning through the chaos and the noise
You still whisper down through history and echo through these halls
And tell me love’s gonna conquer all
Gonna conquer all
Hate is everywhere. It is lurking at every corner. It will come around when we least expect it. It is the evil in this world. It can make or break anyone. It can consume us. It can win if we let it. I first heard this song after a couple days filled with bad news and some hurtful words. I was contemplating someones actions and why they were being so bitter to me and others around me. I was trying to understand why they felt so much hate. I came home to my husband, talked to him about how I was feeling and tried to let this feeling of anger and aggression go. He listened to me vent and took a deep breath and said to me; “Babe, first you won’t be able to understand why people do what they do or say what they say. Second, you need to stop looking at the negative, the angry, the hatred and focus on what is in front of you. What God has blessed YOU with. Do not be concerned why others are treating us harshly, because they have to answer to God not us. We will continue to pray and focus on us and our sons.” Now many of you don’t know my husband personally but he never EVER shares emotional stuff. He is our rock that keeps everything to himself and just lets me (the over emotional one) express myself. Therefore when he gave me that piece of advice I knew I needed to really ponder what my husband said. While listening to this song on repeat.. it dawned on me. Why should I let someone else’s feeling of hatred consume my thoughts and my day to day life? I have an incredible husband, two wonderful boys, a family who loves and supports me, and a God to give me strength when I feel weak. This takes me back to what I over came in my post Rejection & When is Enough.. Enough too let go and let God because even on our darkest nights HE will be there.. When I wake in the morning the world would not have stopped but continued to spin and thats exactly what I need to do. I need to wake up everyday and continue to move forward. Live my life and not focus on others opinions or thoughts of me. As a family we will continue to grow together, cherish life with one another, make memories and put our faith and love above all else. Hate will not win, because our LOVE for each other will conquer all.

Stop & Breathe

For about 5 months now my life has been an endless rollercoaster. I understand life in general is a rollercoaster but it should more like the Superman at Six Flags not the Scream. If you haven’t traveled to Six Flags Theme Park and rode those two rides let me explain.. The Superman brings you up high, down low, all around, upside down, left to right, down and back up again. One the other hand, Scream does the complete opposite. It brings you up high and straight back down with small up and down motions in-between. Since you can kinda understand the rides you can see why I would rather be on a different ride than the Scream. As a consequence of living my life on the scream, my physical and mental emotions have been all over the place. Trying to cope and understand the up and down motions within the last few months really took a toll on me. I was in a mind-set to be on the go constantly with out taking care of my mind and body. It wasn’t until my smithboys made me stop and breathe in the fresh air a week ago did I understand my life needed to slow down. I picked up smithboy#1 and as we were passing Pflugerville Lake we saw people kiteboarding. Normally we would drive by and watch for a second but both boys seemed really interested. At that point I decided to drive up to the parking lot, and walk the boys to the pier.


The wind was strong and it was chilly but it felt so relaxing. To not have a care in the world about my next move, or think about anything else was comforting. It was something I haven’t done in quite a while. We stood there watching everyone enjoy the sun, wind, and water. Smithboy#1 was in amaze how high they got and how they were able to do flips in the air. He couldn’t wait to tell daddysmith. Smithboy#2 kept saying “wow” and “cool mommy”. I was explaining to the boys how the guys weren’t cold, what wetsuit were, and how the wind and kite was able to carry them around the water. We watched for about 5 minutes just taking everything in.


As we all three stood there I thought to myself, I wish I could go back, start over, change a few steps and tell myself to stop and breathe throughout the last few months. Since I do not have have magical powers to do so (shh, don’t tell my boys that) I found that I can only correct my mistake and try to not let it happen again. The boys were getting cold and the wind was getting stronger so we decided to head home. While walking to the car, I couldn’t help but to look back and really take in the scenery. How beautiful the day was, how happy my boys were, and how today I was able to freeze time even just for a second. The entire way home I thought how tremendous it felt to savor that exact moment with my boys. Although they were unaware of what I learned on the pier that day it will later be a lesson I can teach them. & as a mother there is no greater feeling than to do just that. So the next time life gets a head of you..stop, take a deep breath and start over.


Christmas Break 2017

This Christmas break was with out a doubt one of the easiest breaks the smiths could ask for. I was off for an entire week and half and daddysmith had a couple of days off as well. I did something different this year and decided to volunteer at my church HCBC. If you haven’t read my pervious post The Wonder of Christmas you defiantly should go and check it out to see why Christmas was different for my family and myself. But like every year around holidays we venture to my nanas for our annual Christmas dinner. Now when I say dinner I really mean @ noon. Anyway once we got to my Nanas everyone was already there so as a family we said grace and jumped right into eating. We were all so focused on sharing old memories, opening up our presents, and watching my favorite football team, we forgot to take any pictures. Except when my mom, sister and I went in the front yard for a mini photoshoot.


Once our photoshoot was done we went inside said our goodbyes and headed home before going to our next family “supper”. After we came home settled our tummies and rested our bodies we headed over to Granny’s and Grandpa’s house. We were very happy to see they won second place in their neighborhood for the best lights and decorations. I was told over and over the boys and I just had to go, see their house at night time because they spent so much time putting it all together. So I really needed them to win or I might have not heard the end of it. LOL. Even though they came in second the house looked fabulous and they were happy with the second place award. One thing I really want to mention is how freaking GREAT my mother-n-law is. She asked me about a week before Christmas eve what I would like to eat at the dinner. Of course I said her manicotti because hers is out of this world but I was just throwing ideas out. Not only did she make the traditional meal for everyone she made me my favorite meal manicotti, she also made my sister-n-law gluten free broccoli and cheese soup with crescent rolls. With that being said I wanna give a huge shout out to Granny Holland; YOU ROCK & thank you for making this mama super happy! Christmas Day was upon us and our only stop was @ the original Smiths. Driving up to Volente is always a beautiful site but arriving to see old videos of the family, paw-paw smith and daddysmith was absolutely perfect. I am so proud to say I love the family I was married into. They all have welcomed me with open arms and always supported daddysmith and I as a couple. Being around them and getting to hear and see the memories they created over the years is the best feeling. I am so thankful for them and of course Nick & Dani’s cooking because that is a perk too! Christmas has finally come to an end and normally we would be excited for the day but this year we were all a little sad. We normally get smithboy#1 on Christmas Day but this year was different and we were scheduled to get him on the 28th of December at noon. Daddysmith had to go into work for a couple of hours but would meet us at home. I picked my big man up right on the dot. I could tell he was beyond happy to see me because he hugged for a good two minutes before I put him in the car. Daddysmith told me he might not be feeling well so I decided to take him to the doctor. There we found out he had an upper respiratory infection and we couldn’t go to the Trail of Lights. We were all a little disappointed but my sons health always comes first. Little did he know the entire family was still coming over to open up presents!! Granny & Grandpa Holland, Nanny, Nae-Nae, Rj and P all came to visit and join our Smith Christmas party. I wanna give another personal shout-out to my mama for the best PJs the smith family could ask for. I am a plaid lover ask any of my family and friends so THEY ARE PERFECT! Also thanks sissy for taking the best photos of us even if we almost to never look at the camera.


The weekend was just beginning and we had no idea what was in store for us. We didn’t have any plans but to lounge around all weekend, play with our new toys and donate all our old ones. One thing I can proudly say is my sons love to donate their old toys to kiddos who go with out. Daddysmith and I have always taught the smithboys the power of giving. Anytime the boys have a birthday or when Santa comes to town we donate all their unused toys. My smithboys donated THREE BAGS full of toys! & this year it finally hit smithboy#1 on why we do what we do. He told me he wanted to give away all his old toys he never plays with because a little boy might not have gotten anything from Santa and wanted to make someone else happy. Now if that doesn’t warm your heart and a bring a tear to your eye, I don’t know what will. I am so fortunate to have such amazing, smart, kind hearted little boys. I like to believe daddysmith and I are doing a pretty dang good job at raising them. After dropping off all the bags we decided to take our littles to Main Event. Celebrate their generosity and showing them good deeds go a long way. With our Christmas break over I can’t help but to feel so much love and happiness throughout the entire time we were all together. We as a family love to be able to spend quality time with one another and enjoy making new memories. This break might not have included new places to go and adventure too but staying up late, watching new movies, eating popcorn, playing video games and being a family is more than enough for us. We will forever be grateful for one another and the love we share as a family. Thank you family and friends for partaking in Smith’s Christmas break. We appreciate all your love and support for us four. Most importantly thank you Lord for all you do. Your love truly never fails.

A heart full of love for Jesus Christ

My family and I have been worshiping God at Hill Country Bible Church for a year now. My boys have attended their children’s ministry and absolutely LOVE it! This past Sunday smithboy#1 asked if he was going to his bible school because he really wanted too. As a mother and firm believer of Jesus Christ my love tank filled with joy. When we dropped him off he gave daddysmith and I a hug and walked right in waving goodbye. Daddysmith and I went to our normal spot and a hour later we went to pick him up. He was so excited to share what he learned with us. Below is the project he did with help from an older student. Who was so nice to listen, write and draw for him. img_6257.jpg

He started to show us the bracelets he made for daddysmith, smithboy#2, me and himself. Described the colors on them and what they represented. We then proceeded to go over his drawings…

B: He said; Mom & Dad because we always pray for one another and his neighbor because we pray for people around us.

L: He said; I didn’t write anything because I always listen

E: He said; I drew Kashy and me at the table with apples, blueberries, banana, oranges, and a HUGE pizza because we LOVE pizza!

S: He said; I drew me asking Kashy if I can tie his shoes since he’s little and doesn’t know how.

S: He said; mommy I didn’t draw anything because I wanted to play with my friends.

As he was sharing these with me I couldn’t help but to notice how much wonder in learning and sharing what Jesus means to him. Daddysmith and I have grown closer too God and too see our son grow closer to him as well is incredible. From what he learns every Sunday at bible church to practicing it everyday at home is a gift from God. Our smithboy#2 amazes me just as much as smithboy#1. Every time we sit at the table for breakfast, lunch or dinner we pray as a family. Thanking the Lord for all our blessings and for each family member. Sometimes the boys will pray for their toys, games and whatever daddysmith bought them that day. The past couple of times we’ve been in a rush to start eating. After a few bites smithboy#2 will remind us that we forgot to pray by simply saying “AMEN!”. & if you know our little man personally you’ll know he will not just say amen but scream amen until we all say it and or stop eating and pray. Our boys have a heart full of love for not only daddysmith, myself and each other but for Jesus Christ. My husband and I are so proud of our boys and the little men they are growing up to be. They are bold, bright, strong, loving boys. As parents and the Lords servants we will continue to teach them right from wrong. We will raise them to have faith in HIM, and to never forget; we love HIM, because he first loved us. (John 4:19)

See ya later 2017

This year was filled with many adventures, obstacles and blessings. Too our first family vacation, smithboy#1 playing soccer, daddysmith getting a new job, my sister and I graduating, morning trips to our favorite donut shop, me being a soccer coach, it has been a wild ride. Here is a look back to some of the memories the Smith family shared with one another this year!




2017 has taught me a lot. One of them being to put my trust in the lord and looking to him for guidance. I had to over comes a few challenging obstacles this year, but with prayer and support from my husband I was able to defeat them. The beginning of the year I was focused on being the “perfect” wife and mother. Trying to become this idol my husband was proud of and my boys would look up too. Little did I know they just needed me to be ME. Through my journey this year I found myself again. I found the women who didn’t care what others had to say, who took spontaneous adventures, and who trusted her faith above all else. On the other hand 2017 taught me the power of never ending love. My husband and I have been on a rollercoaster the past 11 months. Finding the lord as a couple and growing stronger as parents, we have learned and already felt the famous vows “for better, for worse”. Even with our biggest downfall we were still able to climb the highest mountain together. One of our favorite bible verses reads, “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trust, always hopes, always preservers. Love never fails.” We decided as husband and wife to live our life/relationship pursuing those exact words. We actually have a painting of that scripture in our home. 2017 was a year I’ll never forget. We grew closer to God and towards one another. Thank you 2017 for all the ups and downs, gifts and surprises. Thank you for teaching us more about ourselves and more about the Lord. But most importantly thank you for teaching us that LOVE CONQUERS ALL! I am walking into 2018 with my feet firmly on the ground and my head held high. I am looking forward to many new memories and adventures with my family. 2018 I hope you’re ready for the Smith family because we are ready for you!

The Wonder of Christmas

‘Tis the season for sipping peppermint hot coco, cutting down pine or cedar trees, hanging up sparkling lights, taking pictures with Santa and of course opening up presents. On the other hand this time of year is very special and doesn’t consist of doing any of those things. Its a time of celebration, a time of welcoming Jesus into the world. Before I jump too far, let me rewind and take you back to my childhood. Growing up with quite a few cousins my family would put each child’s name into a hat and every child would draw a name. Whoever you drew was the person you would buy presents for. Some of us were happy while others were not but we all were grateful to be receiving gifts. What we didn’t realize at that time was long ago our God gave us the most precious gift. The Bible tells us, “For this is how God loved the world: He gave his one and only Son” (John 3:16). Early this year I re-proclaimed my faith to the Lord and I decided to serve him this Christmas season. Not only will I be celebrating his birth with my family, I will be celebrating this special time with my church. I signed up to be a greeter and candle lighter during the Christmas Eve service. I have also devoted the past 24 days to reading Journey To The Manger. The first couple of days were about remembering who HE was and understanding that Jesus was God’s promise to us. Throughout the following days the story transitioned into more of what we all know about the road to Bethlehem but with a small twist. Everyday you read a devotion then a scripture to bring it all together. On day 18 the devotion was Walk by Faith, and within I read about how “faith is the reality of what we hope for, the proof of what we don’t see”. Like they say in the movie The Santa Clause “seeing is not believing, believing is seeing”. Another thing that separated this plan from all the others was at the end of every plan there is an activity to do. On day 15 the activity said to “pay it forward.  Next time you grab a cup of coffee or a treat, pay for the person behind you in line”. Although I didn’t pay it forward on the 15th, I did on the 16th. My sister came with daddysmith, the smithboys and I to the mall. As the Smiths like to say we were all starvin marvins so we headed straight to the food court. We were in line waiting for Panda Express when my sister decided to get something else from another line. As she walked away I remembered what my activity was the day before; pay it forward. I asked daddysmith if we could pay for my sisters food, without any hesitation he smiled and said yes of course. Its like he knew what I was thinking and why I asked. He can do that from time to time. Anyway when I told my sister we were going to pay for her lunch she looked shocked, and said thank you sissy. The last 24 days opened my eyes to a few things. This season is for celebrating the birth of Christ, giving to others and finding hope. Of course we will continue our Smith family traditions of elf on the shelf, breakfast with Santa, and watch Christmas movies while making treats. I’m not turning into the grinch who stole Christmas. But we will also start incorporating Jesus’ birthday and celebrating him. Because HE is the reason for this season. HE is the wonder of Christmas and last night confirmed exactly that. When I was greeting people walking into HCBC I saw joy and happiness. I saw family’s of the community come together to praise and worship our father. With the singing of Christmas carols and lighting of the candle you could feel the Lords presence. Everyone in the room was celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.img_6105 At the very end of the service Pastor Tim dismissed us with a Merry Christmas and the first thing I saw when I looked up was my big man! Smithboy#1 was there celebrating with his other family. I immediately walked over hugged and gave him what it probably felt like a million kisses. We talked for a minute and when I was about to walk away, he hugged me so tight and whispered in my ear “I love you mommy”. As I was walking to my car I couldn’t stop smiling. Last night I went to serve the Lord and his son. What I didn’t expect was a gift of seeing my son. Like I said before HE is the reason for the season! HE is the wonder of Christmas!


Fun Filled Weekend

This weekend was jammed pack with stuff to do and errands to run. Being a mom of two active/rambunctious boys my days already start early and end late, but when we have a full planned weekend it makes my days extra extra long. Friday morning is my day to go to HEB. Daddysmith used to go with me but I’m very particular with my list all the way to when I check out so he opted out. (Makes my total spent at HEB go down) Anywho, spending two hours at the grocery store, hitting the bank, taking a nap with my little and possibly shopping at target (don’t tell my husband) it was 30 minutes till 6 and we were off to get smithboy#1! After we got him I remembered I made an appointment for smithboy#2 to get a haircut. & what one smithboy does the other has to do as well. img_5973

So I had to get the oldest a haircut too. I was able to get a good snap of him to share with daddy but not smithboy#2 because like his mama he doesn’t like when he gets haircuts. With haircuts all done and all our errands ran it was finally time to head home. When we arrived daddysmith was already home and so was Elf James!


He brought the boys treats to make with daddy and I. Man that Elf is so thoughtful. LOL. With our ingredients and Pinterest instructions we started making Reindeers, brownie stockings and Christmas trees. & let me tell you daddysmith and I aren’t really creative. I mean we have two boys so we just have to use our imagination not follow instructions. BUT these turned out so good! Our moms would be VERY proud! img_5980



Since we were finished baking and decorating, it was time for hot coco and movie. Considering we have over 1000 movies it was only fitting to watch one of our many Christmas movies The Santa Clause. A hour and half later, the movie was over, teeth were flossed, brushed, pjs were put on and it was time to hit the hay. Daddysmith put the boys to bed but they didn’t actually fall asleep. Of course they fooled us and stayed up until 11:30 playing with dinos and action figures. The only reason Daddysmith and I allowed them to stay up is because sometimes brothers just wanna have fun and spend time with one another no matter what time it might be. On the other hand I wanted to teach them a lesson.. little did they know we were waking up early to have breakfast with Santa. So 6:45 AM rolled around and I was up making coffee and getting everything ready for the day. I thought I was teaching my boys a lesson too not staying up late, but they ended up teaching me it doesn’t matter what time they go to bed they will still wake up early happy as can be. When we got to breakfast with Santa smithboy#2 immediately saw Santa and freaked out. I knew he wasn’t going to be a big fan of him because last year he was terrified of the big jolly man. When it was our turn to sit in Santa’s lap, I sat him down and ran out of the shot so they could take the picture. & I believe it turned out PERFECT! img_6060

After breakfast we headed out to the other side of town to a Christmas party at my uncle Gary’s nursing home. There was a magician who was quite the comedian. The boys and P had so much fun watching him do all his tricks and making things disappear. Smithboy#1 laughed so hard he was tearing up and turning red. Thanks to my sissy who caught the entire thing on video!

This weekend has been fun and filled with tons of holiday spirit. Seeing my sons light up and daddysmith smile for ear to ear sure warms my heart. This is exactly what I love about being a mama and wife to those smithboys and daddysmith. Creating new memories and traditions with my smithboys and hubby is truly a blessing. Big thanks to Grandpa and Granny Holland for inviting us to see that scary man everyone calls Santa. Thank you sissy, mom, and P for spending time with us. Only a few more days until Christmas so make sure you’re being nice because Santa checks his list twice!