Dear my precious #bonusboy,

You are officially S E V E N years young! Like what happened to the little two-year-old boy who would make me drive and hold his hand at the same time? Oh, wait… we still do that! LOL. On your birthday since I can remember I seem to talk about the same thing, but this past year it is a little different. I have watched you grow into a faithful servant, wise kindergartener, strong soccer player and a brave martial artist. You are a leader in our home, a wonderful listener at school with getting Kightly Behavior every week and of course learning all the ways to convince daddy and your brother to watch Pokemon before bed. It is still wild to me that we’ve been in each other’s lives for 5 years. They say the days are long but the years are short and honestly, I believe them. These past 5 years I have spent with you are a true gift. You were placed in my life by God himself and every day that passes I thank him for doing so. I know as your #bonusmom I am supposed to pour knowledge, love, compassion, and graciousness into your life. However, Aydenbear you have poured all of those into mine as well. I have said it before and I will say it again; I vowed the day I married your daddy to always stand by your side, to always choose you, to always love, care and protect you. & I promise to continue to do that. Ayden, I am so very proud to be your #bonusmama. For allowing me to give you my heart and accept me for me I wanted to say thank you. Forever and always, with all my heart and soul Ayden Steven Smith… I love you. Happy Birthday sweet extra of mine 🙂

Thank you for choosing me,

Mama Smith


Ten Things Making Me Happy

  1. Smithboy#2 getting accepted to HCCA for 2019-2020 school year!
  2. Having the energy to hit the gym 3-4 times a week.
  3. The growth in my husband’s spiritual journey.
  4. Finding all the smithboys missing socks.
  5. The beautiful Austin, Texas weather!
  6. Getting Smithboy#1 for the weekend after not seeing him for two LONG weeks.
  7. My sweet friend at work who literally makes my day every time I see her. #thanksrachel
  8. Planning our first big family trip out of state!
  9. Eating Fruitloops with marshmallows before bed because why not.
  10. Seeing so much positivity on social media.


Soccer Season

Holy cow y’all, soccer season is here! Today, this mom will be all around town traveling to TWO soccer games for smithboy#1.